The Illuminati Antichrist in Plain Sight


Know how to recognize the Antichrist: How to Recognize the Dajjal/Antichrist in the Media [Documentary] …


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  1. 1Truth4Life says:

    Both versions of my Dajjal video 2013/2015 were blocked worldwide because of the disturbed land of confusion music video. The re-upload a few weeks ago died before reaching 500 views. They know what they are doing. Once you expose the truth with highly viewed videos, then they intervene.
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  2. therightway says:

    i could see you on my subscription box with this channel, the other channel was hard to find

  3. therightway says:

    can you do a video on wars in dajjal times, the mahdi, zionism,palestine, islamophobia and current situation in the world? and i also heard about the roman invasion of syria at end of times

  4. this is only a small portion compared to the rest of the one eye symbolism. It's in anime and cartoons especially something often consumed by newer generation and very often in video games and films. You will also find it in the news. Look at the logos and on military/police flags of islamic countries sometimes. Additionally you can find some very creepy freemasonry symbols on national flags. Takr Afghanistan for example. Afganistan an freemasonry ??

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