The Illuminati Bloodlines Documentary



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  1. Orman Virsel says:

    talk about the inner  truth?
    know thyself etc

  2. Riff Cason says:

    My ancestors came to America on the second boat to jamestown and before that were members of the old freemason temple in York england. They made cannons and rifles for the norse and then the american revolution.  During wwi and wwii one of my ancestors was Mouzan Cason, at one point the 11th highest ranking freemason in America. He smoked cigars and drank whiskey with pres roosevelt, who warned that prescott bush sr and his cronies were betraying the freemasons and there ethos which ranks people by contribution to society, not greed. They faked the rebirth of the illuminati to drive the good masons outof political favor and distract people, worked with nazis under a corporate front and robbed gold, art, jewels, antiques, etc from europe working with nazis… invested that into what is known and culminated in the bush prison-industrial complex… when my dad was in the navy which he enlisted to avoid being drafted and cause he could work on planes like his dad who was a master machinist and engineer who helped build the first f-14… he was a bad ass, and the CIA tried to recruit him to go to south america to help start a fake revolution so they can install a leader who agrees with the fact they want cocaine and drugs so the cia can sell it out backdoor while imprisoning people at home… my dad said those people need food and medicine and john deer tractors… and explained how my family knows fucked up shit goes on around george bush sr who was working his way up thru CIA… and what his ancestors did… and the cia agents laughed and admitted to helping shoot JFK… my dad told them to go fuck themselves, and they waited at the base store asking people if theyd seen my dad… my dad stayed in barracks and had friends bring him food for weeks until they left… then men came and searched the barracks destroying any diaries or pictures that were evidence the cia had been there for my dad… but one picture static clung to some clothes it was folded up in and was missed… and i used to use it as a bookmark for my spanish book at community college.. my youngest memory is my mom having us get on floor and laying over us like a drive by might happen as two men in black suits asked my dad to step outside to talk about what he knew and told someone while drunk at a party…. i was like 2-3yrs old… they told my dad to shut up, like they did when they searched the barracks… my dad was in a coma before i was born and woke up even, and before i was born they threatened to my father showing a list of enlisted family members who could easily have an accident while serving their country…. after his kids grew up and moved out my dad reached out to senator kennedy and was scheduled to deliver testimony and show the pic…. which hid behind other picks in photo albums and in walls of houses behind sheetrock for over 30 years…. amongst my family… at the Veterans Aid clinic he was radio tagged like a wild animal, he asked me to drive him back and keep the car running so i did not understanding, he went in and got the dr to explain the cia had been there asking for my dad and asked him to radio tag him… and my dad came out real quick got in the car and yelled for me to drive… and i did… before he was to leave to try and see the senator he gave me a copy of his letter of written testimony and the original picture and an awkward hug and told me if anything happened to him to try and reach the senator, he showed me the stationary from the senators desk etc and the scheduled testimony times… 3 days later i found him dead in his bath tub holding the split end of an extension chord…. partially charred and electrocuted looking like a suicide…that was feb 15th 2007….  the day i saw the devil in my dads dead eyes… ive had people around me sometimes closer sometimes further fuckin with shit since then… the picture was stolen but i have things with its residue to regenerate it photochemically… i now have xrays of the radio tag in my head from a  hospital in 2010… and radiologist letters confirming a foreign metallic object… sherriffs told me i have enough evidence to reopen my dads case as a murder tied to the bush family, cia, and skull and bones society…which overlaps with a smear campaign and torture i still endure… but i need the da or tx rangers or higher ups to reopen it… the tx rangers said theyre worried about me and would call me back that day and never did… standing outside their building they said there phones didnt even ring when i call… last semester google tech support said my emails for school go to a "server they cant see or access… and seem to sometimes spit out later"…. i graduated finally, was supposed to in 2009 but my emails and online course materials were tampered with…. i spent 3 yrs doing research biotech for NIH, NCI, etc… helping kill tumors and creating tests for bad shit in food using nature…. i spent 3 yrs doing tournament sword fighting and got invited to olympic tryouts but didnt go because at time i didnt need that attention…. im trying to reach da and congress… i can make the powers that be falter all day long they are focused on me… but everyone must stand up… wake up… and unite as states of america… for we are no longer the land of the free…. radio output overlaps brain waves at 1-20mhz… which you need a military or research license for… tesla discovered this on accident when channel 1 was 1hz channel 2 was 2hz etc… people with metal fillings or shrapnel heard or saw the broadcast or felt weird… jump to modern computing you can watch a brainwave in real time and fuck with it in real time…. simple as recording the output of an EKG reading on a casette or vhs tape or computer, and reversing the plugs so the recording plays back thru the EKG sensors or into an antennae…. we all know phones and emails were watched 20 yrs ago… Snowden didnt mention they watch brain waves… all they need is a cell phone to pick up your output… things like fillings and fluoride-aluminate deposited in the brain from fluoride in drinking water binding to metals and precipitating outof solution… boost the signal and reception… I used to do research for the government and grants and ive been called Dr. Will Cason outof respect in 10 countries giving webinars about what buffer salts work best for isolating antibiotics from milk… i havent even finished my doctorate… tho id love to not sure how with my emails and phone all fucked…  I have xrays, family history books, and drs letters, a laundry list of witnesses and DNA/fingerprints…. TRUTH

  3. Mikey W says:

    1:04:001:06:00…. Isn't just a little bit arrogant to think that you are a god..?  IMO, there is only ONE, Supreme Being, GOD.  If you get this idea of you being HIGHER than said GOD, this will only bring your soul despair.  GOD is the only PERFECT BEING, and Jesus (one and the same).  Human Beings make THOUSANDS of mistakes in ONE DAY.  IF it wasn't for GOD, we would stay in our filth.  YOU ARE NOT A GOD…. I don't know why all of a sudden, people think they are something MORE than Human….

  4. David Icke works for the Reptilians.

  5. This is al definitely true but its been proven david icke is a hsrd core satanist himself and part of the false truth movement

  6. CG SF says:

    What a fascinating story. Who came up with this stuff? I love the imagination.

  7. Harideva Luu says:

    Namaskar, quite Educative. Thank you. BNK

  8. MrRuss64 says:


  9. PJ B says:

    While this is all true….the real secret that no one wants to address or admit is a truth so scandalous, so controversial and so true – the white elephant in the room no one wants to talk about is the fact that the Illuminati is being run by Rome, by the Pope who the bible says is the man of sin, the AntiChrist! The Pope working for his master Satan aka the Devi/Lucifer was the one that was behind all major wars of the last 1500 years including the first and second world wars! War is inquisition cleverly disguised to get people to willingly to kill his brother, sister and die for a silly flag. Who do you think runs Freemasonry and all these secret societies? Rome!!! Who do all the presidents and monarchies of the world bow down to and kiss the ring of? The Pope!

    All roads lead to Rome!

    Check out Dr. Walter Veith – The New World Order

  10. Alex Almeida says:

    Whether exist groups of people with enough knowledge to manipulate mankind, they are all right. That's doesn't means they are all right in practicing evil acts. Moreover today there are a very large amount of information on different means of communication; so  humanity can chose be controled or not. Who has interest in knowledge is the boss.

  11. Antichrist will come from the tribe of Dan

  12. The only religion on earth what have been since the  creation of earth. WAS ISLAM. 
    Islam means "submit to Allah(cc)". Every profhet called there people to submit to Allah(cc). What this video is about is the devil it self in a humanbody. I invite all of you to come to the truth and be a moslim. The church have sold there soul 1400 years ago to the devil like the excile jews did. U can always ask and pray to Allah(cc) for forgivness nobody is perfect we have all our sins. Even i do nobody can be perfect and without a sin only profhet's where without a sin. U have to believe thats the first and most important step. I hope you well see the light before its to late….

  13. lucas keller says:

    Jesus didn't have a bloodline he was born a virgin…

  14. This guy along with Alex jones have been exposed as zio shills.

  15. Wrong! Guess again.

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