The Illuminati Capital ASTANA Kazakhstan


The Pyramid of Peace

The Illuminati Capital ASTANA Kazakhstan

Astana is the first capital being built in the 21st century and it perfectly represents  where the world is headed. It is truly one man’s vision: Nursultan Nazarbayev, the president of Kazakhstan (yes Borat’s country, I know). Backed by billions of petrodollars, the city is being built from scratch in a remote and deserted area of  the Asian steppes. The result is astonishing: a futuristic occult capital, embracing the New World Order while celebrating the most ancient religion known to man: Sun Worship. The city is still a huge construction site, but the buildings that are already completed already sum up Nazarbayev’s occult vision.

Conceived by Britain’s most prolific architect, Lord Norman Forster, this giant pyramid is an odd presence in the middle of the Asian Steppes.  The building is dedicated to  “the renunciation of violence” and “to bring together the world’s religions”. Norman Foster has said that the building has no recognizable religious symbols to permit the harmonious reunification of confessions. In reality, the pyramid is a temple for the occultist’s only TRUE religion: Sun worship. A journey inside this building is a truly symbolic one. It represents each human’s path to illumination. Let’s take the tour.

The Pyramidal Shape

“The initiates accepted the pyramid form as the ideal symbol of both the secret doctrine and those institutions established for its dissemination”
-Manly P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages


Novus Ordo Seclorum = New Order for the Ages.

As Manly P. Hall  stated, the pyramid is the ultimate symbol representing the mysteries of ancient civilizations. Sublime in their simplicity, divine in their proportions, they embody both the divine knowledge owned by the illuminated and the bewilderment of the masses. Today’s elite, initiated to the occult, are the heirs of this ancient wisdom and use the pyramid as a symbol of power in the modern world. The illuminated/floating/missing capstone represents the divine principle present in the universe as well in each human being. Another symbolic meaning attributed to the missing capstone is the unfinished nature of the New World Order. It is said that the capstone of the Great Pyramid will be reinstated when this age old project will become reality. Here are other pyramids appearing across the world, representing the elites power over the masses.


Memphis Arena


Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas


Raffles Hotel, Dubai

Inside the Golden Globe

The Total Recall Thing


Visitors can go at the top of the tower and get a wonderful view of Nazarbayev’s city. There are also some strange items to look at. Inside the globe we find this enigmatic “thing”. It’s a golden triangle with president Nazarbayev’s handprint in it. Why? I honestly don’t know. All I can say is that it looks like something out of the movie Total Recall.



Masonic Pillars


Two pillars and one in between, further away. Is there a chance that this may be Masonic symbolism?


Yes, the twin golden pillars represent the two pillars of Masonry named Boaz and Jachin. I won’t go into the whole symbolism behind those pillars, but we can probably assume that Nazarbayev is a “Free and Accepted Mason”.

Presidential Palace


Placed in a commanding position in the city, the Presidential Palace sits at the end of a ceremonial route which starts with the Bayterek tower. A big fat dome sits on top of the palace, representing the female principle, in opposition to the phallic Bayterek tower – the male principle. This layout is present in almost all important cities, including Washington DC and Paris.

The Illuminati Capital ASTANA Kazakhstan

Gigantic Pentagram Found in Kazakhstan – Can Be Seen in Google Maps

A gigantic pentagram was found in Google Maps in an isolated region of Kazakhstan, West of the city of Lisakovsk (coordinates +52° 28′ 47.14″, +62° 11′ 8.38″). The circle’s circumference is over 1000 feet wide and contains a clearly defined, mathematically correct pentagram. The pentacle (a pentagram inside a circle) is used in ritualistic magic and the inverted pentagram is used in black magic.



The logo of the Church of Satan – the Sigil of Baphomet – consists of an inverted pentacle with the goat of Mendes.

A few days ago, when one would zoom into the pentagram with Google Maps, two strange locations would pop up, one named “Adam” and another “Lucifer”. However, since the story came out on the web, these locations disappeared and zooming into pentagram is now disabled.


This is what you get when you try to zoom into the pentagram.

Since yesterday, there is Russian text appearing on the pentagram which is apparently translated to “unfinished summer camp Denisovsky area Kostanay Kazakhstan”. Strange.

On Google Maps (which uses North-South orientation), the pentagram is inverted. Was it meant to be that way? Either way, the symbol is used in ritualistic magic.

Here’ what Manly P. Hall, a 33rd Degree Freemason and expert in occult symbolism wrote about the upright and inverted pentagram:

“In symbolism, an inverted figure always signifies a perverted power. The average person does not even suspect the occult properties of emblematic pentacles. The black magician cannot use the symbols of white magic without bringing down upon himself the forces of white magic, which would be fatal to his schemes. He must therefore distort the hierograms so that they typify the occult fact that he himself is distorting the principles for which the symbols stand. Black magic is not a fundamental art; it is the misuse of an art. Therefore it has no symbols of its own. It merely takes the emblematic figures of white magic, and by inverting and reversing them signifies that it is left-handed. A good instance of this practice is found in the pentagram, or five-pointed star, made of five connected lines. This figure is the time-honored symbol of the magical arts, and signifies the five properties of the Great Magical Agent, the five senses of man, the five elements of nature, the five extremities of the human body. By means of the pentagram within his own soul, man not only may master and govern all creatures inferior to himself, but may demand consideration at the hands of those superior to himself.

The pentagram is used extensively in black magic, but when so used its form always differs in one of three ways: The star may be broken at one point by not permitting the converging lines to touch; it may be inverted by having one point down and two up; or it may be distorted by having the points of varying lengths. When used in black magic, the pentagram is called the “sign of the cloven hoof,” or the footprint of the Devil. The star with two points upward is also called the “Goat of Mendes,” because the inverted star is the same shape as a goat’s head. When the upright star turns and the upper point falls to the bottom, it signifies the fall of the Morning Star.”
– Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

As stated by Hall, “the average person does not even suspect the occult properties of emblematic pentacles” and occultists believe that this symbol has true power. Why is it in this remote location in Kazakhstan?

Some mainstream news sources such as the Daily Mail and Yahoo News quickly associated this story with “conspiracy theories”, stating that it might be a military site or a park. Some articles insist on the fact that the pentagram is Christian symbol while others state that it is Russian symbol. It is however important to point out that Russia used a five-pointed star as one of its symbols, not a pentagram inside a circle.


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  1. Arslan Amirkhanov says:

    I’m terribly sorry but the author of this article is a F moron. First of all, Kazakhstan is not “Borat’s country”, because Borat is a fictional character who has nothing to do with Kazakh people or culture. Astana is a boring city which is nothing compared to Almaty.

    All this nonsense about pyramids is simply an example of Dunning-Kruger effect mixed with a massive confirmation bias.

  2. charles allan says:

    Yes and there are no masons in the world and no masonic symbols or signs – its all a myth and the world is run by benevolent father figures who want peace.

    • Arslan Amirkhanov says:

      Yup. There’s only TWO choices in every situation right? Either the world is run by completely wonderful people, or your schizophrenic conspiracy theory is 100% true! Can’t be anything else because that would be complicated and require actual critical thinking. Just remember: Everyone else is a sheep and YOU’RE special because you’ve got it all figured out.

      • charles allan says:

        Yes there are no pyramids , no masons , no wars – the capitalist elite dont want to reduce the population by abortion and medical poisons – the delightful people that run the world with their money are not greedy but enjoy helping the poor to build homes and get jobs.
        The great democracy is trusted all over the world as honest and above board.
        They would never start a war or use false flags and never want to invade another country to steal its oil.
        I have been wrong all along blaming the rich controllers for bringing death and destruction.
        The ones that admit to the dark forces that they were members of must be fantasists. Oh and the devil and his demons must therefore be good guys.

  3. Sohrab says:

    Kazakhstan like all other new states in southern section of former Soviet Union, used to be part of ancient Persian Empire till 19th century and have a lot in common with Persian culture and language. Astana is a Persian word which means entrance or gateway. It has nothing to do with Satan or any other stuff that people pull out of their bag of wild imaginations. As far as religion, one can clearly see at least one huge mosque is built in that city (named municipal mosque) which clearly shows that author of above article is either ignorant of that fact or, for whatever reason, intentionally make up stories that have no credibility. Over all, much fuss over nothing! Please find a better way to spend your time.

  4. 5 War Veteran says:

    Hoy Nibiru! Destroy this place! While it is fully packed.

  5. John Cook says:

    I find it sureal that the symbol of the democrats (American political party) of an elephant has recently had the five pointed stars within it inverted. Isn’t this just too blatant? It only happened recently I think, I saw video of Hillary Clintons campaign to be nominated to run for president with the US flag with all the stars inverted. What the Fuk!?
    Anyone know anything about this? It’s just too amazing – how moronic are Americans if they don’t notice this? Or don’t care!

    Also, I was wondering, is this place where the Askenazi pseudo Jews originate? I have a suspicion they are going to get Israel nuked and are preparing a new HomeLand…

  6. Adam says:

    Astana is “satan” all mixed up with an added “A”.

  7. Adam says:

    Just south west of the pentagram there seems to be 4 roads converging into nothing and though one side is missing on the right, it almost looks like a pancaked pyramid itself. Here’s the COORDS. 52.466364,62.162526

  8. Mahomed Saleem Moorad says:

    im sure the vast majority of Kazakh people are blissfully unaware of all this stuff.
    unfortunately, their leaders are minions of the Zionist Satanists.

    • charles allan says:

      Yes I agree the Kazakh people will be unaware of this as well as most people in the world – it is only those at the top of the antichrist system who know about the symbolism involved.

  9. charles allan says:

    Khazakstan – is it not the country where the king decided to convert the whole nation to the jewish faith – so they were not real jews.
    “I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer . . . be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life. . . . Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. Revelation 2:9-10, 3:”
    The khazarian jews started the family of rothschild bankers who now control the money supply and the plans for the NWO. The symbols are talmudic and masonic – condemned in the OT Torah . Satanic and these babylonian symbols will lead you to hell if you worship this system.
    Jesus condemned the babylonian traditions in the Talmud.

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