The Illuminati & Dajjal Part 9 (The stage is set)



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  1. Carl Jackson says:

    09:38 busted bitch.

  2. Carl Jackson says:

    This part's must be on National Geografieck, or Discovery Channel.

  3. Tauruss96 says:

    Does anyone know from which movie this is 08:33??

  4. steve d says:

    Wag the dog, 1997. dustin hoffman stars, barry levinson directs.
    "Before elections, a spin-doctor and a Hollywood producer join efforts to "fabricate" a war in order to cover-up a presidential sex scandal."


  5. 42 seconds – Case closed ! hahaha

  6. MINAMKA says:

    I love this.. u did an awesome job… Thank you so much.. I plan on watching all your vids.. Very eye opening.. God Bless you

  7. chhoronayar says:

    nyce job dude really
    explained every bit in detail
    hats off
    keep up the good work

  8. socialcody says:

    your videos are the BEST gathered information i have ever watched in User uploaded of a Series of videos on these topics !! I hope there is 1,000 videos you uploaded like this because this is incredible. you would be great as a lawyer !! 

  9. hypno toad, really good idea =)

  10. Herr George says:

    You have some good evidence here.

    However, some of the stuff in this video doesn't seem too suspicious.

    For example, that civilian who talked about "structural failure" to the twin towers; some people are simply articulate in the way that they speak… and maybe that is why he speaks like that.

    Again, nice video though!

  11. people get angry when they are scared and fear brings out our true colors

  12. Anew Start says:

    Probably the best 9/11 documentary made to date!

  13. To the guy who referred to a woman as a "bitch" down the page here? You're not helping by making sex-based insults. call her a scummy scummy scumbag for lying about 9/11 or whathaveyou. But spare the women watching the misogyny. We've had quite enough of that crap.

  14. IGMComment says:

    Maasha ALLAH.
    Very well done brother.

  15. They are truly sick, sick individuals for planning this and blaming it on a religion anyway god will take care of them and all the evil acts they do.

  16. Com Plex says:

    minute 1:38  lol

  17. Imani A. says:

    Dan Rather not tell this story

  18. Imani A. says:

    Video 9 out order, rearrange, watch video 8 first. It went 7, 9, 8…

  19. I've been spreading these since the logics of these are solid. Good work man, even though I'm not into Islam or purely into any else religion either. My left hand holds the darkness, death and despair, the hand of the Devil – And my right hand tries to keep fighting on everything life loves. It's strange to notice this and how these affects to emotions, moods, the way I see the world out there (we got almost all good in Finland, for now) and how differently they perceive world's disharmony. Finding balance has worked out pretty well so far, and constant yoga, though dirty sewers of the Internet says it's straight from the Satan(EA, Enki, Melek Ta'us etc.). Anyway I put it, I'll come to the conclusion that WE, can't be the best thing whole existence got to provide, because that would be so pathetic that the whole existence itself would've committed voluntary shutdown times ago. Oh well time is relative and our invention, damn imagine how great higher entities must be if they know even part of the All and can live with that knowledge, which in itself should be huge at it's indefinite amount. I guess Karma (victory of rightness or what is right, maybe?) wins anyway, and the Common people will wake slowly and surely. We already got small victory against TTIP!

  20. isaac felder says:

    whats really scary is if your not prepared to meet God on judgement day. Now thats freaky. And God knows best. Allah is the greatest great video brotha

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