The Illuminati Industry Exposed Documentary



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  1. Christ, what a fuckwit you are

  2. david lynch says:

    david icke is same man

  3. Jaxson Potts says:

    wait what is a freemason

  4. phaedris says:

    Read 'Morals & Dogma' by Albert Pike or any of the many books written by Manly P. Hall. Otherwise there are plenty of documentaries on YouTube that investigate and describe Freemasonry. Most if not all of the leading figures in politics, entertainment, academia, and the corporate/banking world are members…

  5. whats the name of the old guy in min 40:00 in black and white

  6. Yet we will sit down and watch a 2 hour movie….with no meaning…but to fill space…. Knowledge is not limited to time.. Truth priceless….

  7. sonlover62 says:

    Jiddu Krishnamurti, Hindu guru (also known as a false teacher) who died in 1986.

  8. hermy12342 says:

    All religion is a lie, created by man to control mankind!

  9. Or maybe that is exactly what they want you to think…

  10. nanay3000 says:

    religion is false, GOD is not…remember that!!! think about it…GOD(Yahwe) has to be real since these illuminati people worship Satan

  11. "For whatever befalls the earth befalls our children".Sad,but true and no truer words have ever been spoken.Most of us have or will have children,the question is do we really want our children and grandchildren to inherit a ruined earth and the mistakes we as a whole of society are creating at this very moment?It's something most don't even give a second thought but those who come after us will wonder how we could've been so ignorant.

  12. de93ial says:

    Not YHWH but Source Of All Life. YHWH is just something smaller.

  13. God is Love. We have all experienced That. Anything that is not of Love, is not of God. Keep is Simple.

  14. nanay3000 says:

    GOD is not ALL love! People really need to stop thinking he is only love. That just seems like an excuse for people because they are too afraid to view the other sides of him because he is that powerful. I read the scriptures day in and day out. He gets angry, and jealous and kills too. He said in Revelations that he would cause great distress in Babylon with earthquakes and such. He also favors the isrealites over others. Thats why Yah made man in HIS image…

  15. nanay3000 says:

    He gave ADam al of his feelings which is to be sad, happy, excited, angry, jealous,etc. Think of him as a human being with real emotions instead of some spiritual fantasy. ppl don't know him the way he relly is and many r going to be shocked when he comes down soon.GOD is FAR from simple! There are a few scriptures in the bible where he states that anyone who is simple does not follow his laws and does not love him. You must be a christian because christianity is so false.

  16. daft wod says:

    schizophrenic madness.

  17. gene546 says:

    this guy sees evil everywhere.

  18. rae jones says:

    A paper toilet, you say?

  19. God is there ABOVE all with those who who belive in HIM, …

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