Illuminati and brainwashing of black people in music? Is the Illuminati responsible for all of this? Are Jay-Z, Beyonce, & Rihanna responsible for the downfall of …


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  1. You made a very good point about ppl emulating the lifestyle they see on TV… Parents must step up and set the actual examples!!

  2. Amoure Jones says:

    I for one don't believe in the Illuminati , but believe the countless speaking of it in these rap songs makes it just another exaggerated organization. And yes another avenue to which many excuses travel so freely down. Although I don't believe in it I do understand that the system is corrupt and is designed to poison and destroy. Are celebrities responsible for influencing others? In part. A lot of young people (including children) are spectators of these celebrities and often emulate the lifestyle and the actions in these songs and/or videos. But I also feel parents should be pushing the envelop even more and always try to stay present (if possible) in a child's life.
    Much love and many blessings <3

  3. slimchelle says:

    great video sis well said

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