The illuminati – The BEST Bilderberg Group Documentary


The best Illuminati Video on youtube. This is a great look into the Bilderberg Group and its ties to the Illuminati.
Illuminati and The Bilderberg Group


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  1. Louise M-D says:

    dedpopulation is free market forcing slaves into work ing where they are disabled n killed by the work n machines,that's the history n competing nations keep workers working faster n more dangerously to compete w those across border,u all want to travel,buy foreign stuff n sell 're stuff n services anywhere u want,so why not hv one world can't get worst for labor slaves,better than men's wars eternal

  2. Louise M-D says:

    heads are not ,it's the shadows who never go to meeting s,Rothschild s order Rockefeller s,it's already global,cuz boundaries coz Canon fodder of the young of each sides,cigs n booze n pot n porn n entertainment s,etc etc n sugar n animal torture products ,is how masses spend their time why?

  3. this sounds like Alex Jones narrating parts of this

  4. Rhythmista says:

    As a Canadian, i can safely say that Conrad Black and Paul Martin should have been actors, because the bull shit they spewed in this video is worthy of an Oscar..

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