The Illuminati’s 2016 Summer of Chaos! Race War, Martial Law, Obama 3rd Term?


In this video we look at something that was discussed within the truther community several months ago called “The Summer of Chaos”. Analyst predicted that the …


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  1. Wayne says:

    You do realize we were under martial law briefly during the Clinton presidency?

  2. Nick Wooten says:

    not saying it was lizard people….. but it was lizard people

  3. moniunlisted says:

    So when martial law happens, will truthers still be on youtube cashing in on it?

  4. What turns me off is the must watch add thats hella long.

  5. Shuan Shelby says:

    it is White Supemacy period.

  6. Okay none of this shit is going to happen but it wont stop these stupid videos from popping up and making false claims. Smh

  7. And when none of this bullshit you fucking madmen predict happens, ever, why doesnt that make you see how crazy you really are? Is it because insane people never know they're insane? Keep buildin that bunker, baby.

  8. YES! presiden Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Cammacho for life! now finally america will fullfill its communistic dictatorship manifest destiny!

  9. Cool Cat says:

    Obama is the Anti- Christ.

  10. There were cop cars or bikes on almost every corner on the night of the fourth. Wells fargo stole 248 bucks from me. People are acting crazy everywhere. Jesus come back.

  11. Vicki R says:

    Jesus Christ what a bunch of whack jobs

  12. America was already under Martial Law from the very beginning and onwards as Martial Law began in 8,000 B.C. and also, Mark of the Beast began in 2,001.

  13. E.J says:

    all respect Mario but they're aren't enough military or police to control the 318 million americans.Remember things can't happen without God.

  14. Filthy Obama the one fanning flames of division as he claimed universal victimhood in a recent speech…he does poor job of obfuscating his agenda. The filthy golfer claimed black folk can't leave their homes without fear of Whitey killing him. The Great Divider Barry strikes again

  15. Miguel LS says:

    lets get together in every capital state

  16. The president was talking about a divide the other day and a bridge I was like oh lord Jesus come back and I going fight with u Jesus ????

  17. mike welborn says:

    is it the watchers who are to blame Mario ?

  18. Boston was under martial law. They have used martial law in various instances already it "Manage" their false flag Events

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