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  1. Imaam Abu Hanifah
    It was reported that often Abu Haneefah used to repeat the following statement about the Shi`ites, "Whoever doubts whether they are disbelievers has himself committed disbelief."

  2. How is it that you talk so much about holy war, and you people are killing one another. All of you muslims are TALIBAN, then you say you are waiting for a prophet call IMAM AND THE IMAM, tell us how long you been waiting for that prophet. The real christian are me and my fellow American USA for the world. We don't want you crazy people in my country, we hate muslims.

  3. Do your research – Christians have killed more people round the world than Muslims. Are you saying Christianity is not from the devils – see the WW1, WW2, Korean war, Vietnam war, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Iran/Iraq war invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and now you want to invade Syria. Do you think Muslims want you in their country killing their civilians for centuries?

  4. Elite Ninja says:

    fat idiot, waste man go back to your home which is in the bin. You went to the charity shop and they were giving something to you for free, you said to them you can't afford it because you are such a loaner

  5. The Arrivals is a Shia propaganda.. thats what I have beeen thinking to my self for a long time now.

  6. Omu Sangare says:

    Shut up Muslim haters

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