The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz (CC available)


The film follows the story of programming prodigy and information activist Aaron Swartz. From Swartz’s help in the development of the basic internet protocol …


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  1. Control Knowledge and keep the people ignorant. It's easier to control them.

  2. Anyone know the first tracks name in the movie? Starting at 0:30?


  3. Red .Rotten says:

    What happened to the prosecutor did he get the boot or a promotion?

  4. pterable says:

    There is a lot of mental illness in the world, more than anyone is aware of, more than anyone seems to be able to admit. Although this may seem like an over-simplistic statement, if everyone who is making complex decisions is able to separate their mental illness from their reason, their decisions would be closer to truth. Everyone wants to be right and their ego wants them to be perceived as right but it is difficult to separate thousand of years of being wrong and thousands of years of mental illness from a future which could conceivably be a new start which leaves in the past those thousands of years of mental illness. Dishonesty, denial, blame, judgement, greed, theft, laziness, rage, hatred, violence, vanity, jealousy, war, etc. are all mental obstructions of reason. These aspects of mental illness invariably compound and go to extremes or extremism. The result of the this collective mental illness led to the extreme act of violence of suicide. What must be attacked are the roots of these mental obstructions. Fortunately and unfortunately, this must be done on an individual basis. This is something that every person as an individual must figure out for themselves. When people can end their dependence on these traits of mental illness, they then can end them collectively, ending their groups and ideologies of hatred or greed, etc. This thought was realized with "E pluribus unum" but eventually was destroyed by an archaic vain ideology. Bring forward reason, bring forward sanity. I wish you had stayed and fought, Aaron.

  5. A remarkable young man who achieved more in his short life than most would in century, r.i.p you will not be forgotten Aaron.

  6. Lazeyniche says:

    We need to infiltrate the 1% & vote them out of control. Buy one stock in a particular Industry which will give you the right to vote for who manages it. Then follow them around in other company that you might own do not vote for them.This tactic was used on the tobacco companies. God bless Aaron wherever he is….

  7. how much of this did you know??

  8. james davis says:

    Great and very informative film. Don't totally agree with all his objectives but greatly admire his efforts and achievements. A big loss he is no longer around but expect and hope others will fill the breach.

  9. jayw654 says:

    All the people, businesses, politicians, police officers, people in the federal government that had their hands on this case that drove Aaron Swartz to suicide deserve the very same punishment that Aaron felt he had to do to himself. Family members of these of these people, busineses, police, politicians, and federal government deserve the same punishment to ensure these people don't further poison our society.


  11. ? maybe they took him away….. One of those satellites or underground tunnels on a different planet like in space held captive to solve even bigger problems….Even changed his disguise for returning?.. someone like that gets taken care of…

  12. Tesla Coil says:

    Can't believe I haven't heard more about this brilliant fellow before. Such an inspiring and interesting figure. Too bad greed and selfish personal gain destroyed such an important individual who wanted nothing but the betterment of the world and people.

  13. Wow, can't believe I cannot even make a public comment without FULLY identifying myself through logging in with google. Aaron was 10000000% correct in his assertions. They always shut you up. Fuckers.

  14. fausser tony says:

    super document, je le conseil à regarder.. Dommage de mourir si jeune…

  15. tai hung Au says:

    This was so beautiful it made me cry…

  16. Vaughn C says:

    This is exactly what's wrong with this country, when a young mind such as his is and has to live among small minded people in a position of power and ego status. This is a wake up call for all citizens of the US. When a agency is developed to protect its people from dangerous outside influences and instead turns it over stigmatic power against it's citizens. This prosecutor should be stripped of his position and charged with crimes against humanity and indited with murder knowing this mans weaknesses and using that to force their illegitimate prosecution of this great young man is without forgiveness. This country is under sedge and our constitution is at danger. When I was sworn in to the military in "68" I was taught to recognize the enemy both foreign and domestic. We the people has the power to stop Big Money, Big Fama, and Big government.It is not up to the government to own us, direct our way of life, its sole purpose should be to protect us from foreign enemies and countries that want to take us over period NOT to have Billionaires from outside to own our senate and congressman. Get rid of lifers (Term Limit), Lobbyists get rid of the embedded statesmen that have made a career in politics, hay in case you haven't noticed they don't work for us any longer. Get rid of the OIL companies and those BIG BANKS they own, (no conflict of interest here folks). NO more bailouts of Business or Banks. While I'm at it if you don't like my country, stay the hell out. If you agree with Isis then just flat out DIE.
    In closing;
    I am glad and proud that I had the chance to know of this young man. I trust that you have found your journey and a place that is deserving of you.
    May others yet to be born be as accomplished as you and have the innocence to further mankind without deceit and deception as our leaders do today.
    To his mother my sorrow and embarrassment that this was done by my country to her son.

    Live forever Arron


    Vaughn Colangelo
    The Affiliates For Veterans and Families L.L.C.

  17. Dan Kljaic says:

    Finally got around to watching the whole doco. It is a crying shame that a person of Aaron's caliber left us so early. He had the potential to make this world better but that bright spark was extinguished. The governments that are run by corporations do not want bright, charismatic, socially just people running round finding faults with with their system and exposing them to the masses. The want those bright people to be in their pockets and to work towards their own goals and if they don't the will do anything in their power to extinguish those bright sparks. The justice system pursued Aaron on behalf of the corporate government to a point that he simply broke and gave up. The wold lost one it's champions on that faithful day. The corporate government won and the Judas got their 40 pieces of silver ( theological analogy for the benefit of US readers). BTW I see 229 people did not like the doco, wonder why?

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