The Japan Self Defence Forces VS Chinese Military – (WW3) Military Power Comparison 2016


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  1. Take it Easy says:

    Love Japan

    from Iraaaaan ??

  2. baxianguohai says:

    No  territorial   dispute。 San   Francisco    Peace   Treaty   signed   by  49  countries   determined   Japanese   sovereingty     over   Senkaku  islands, Okinawa   prefecture。 1885~1945,248 Japanese  people   made    3   factories   on   Senkaku   islands and   worked    and  lived   there   60  years,  In  1895,Senkaku  islands   were   incorporated into   Okinawa  prefecture   , Japan。 On  Senkaku  islands , still    remains  Japanese  residents'   factories   ,houses   now。 From 1895  till  2015,Senkaku islands   are   Japnese   territory   for  120   years。Nobody  can    deny   San   Francisco    Peace   Treaty   signed   by  49  countries   。

  3. Albert Kaleo says:

    common japan gotta have nukes why the hell they got nuclear plants… and their technology is superior am i wrong? if not i guess they are just humbled people cant help from the past back in ww2 where they made all the Asians there bitch.

  4. CrossFireBow says:

    Turkey is with you Japan!

  5. J Derek says:

    Why do all the Chinese equipment look very similar to the US's modern stuff? Maybe because they hacked the computers and are now building the stuff?

  6. Japan will pulverize China

  7. marcus klem says:

    Japan a tiny island with 127 million people v China with a quarter of the worlds population

  8. Go Japan! Superior Naval force. Smaller but better Air force. China can't beat Japan at reasonable cost.

  9. Arjay says:

    All the Japan worship, holy shit.

  10. you forgot the GUNDAMS of Japan :D

  11. D3C3n50r says:

    Japan all the way!

  12. Nghi Tran says:

    Fuck tau khua

  13. US & Allies MUST STOP WW3 By China-Copy-Cat Hitler & Hirohito !!!    ++++    China had installed surface-to-air missiles and radar installations on some of the artificial islands it has constructed in the South China Sea, further militarizing a zone already fraught with tension.China has expanded several of these islets and reefs by simply dumping sand on them. One of them, Mischief Reef, is now 5,580,000 square meters—the equivalent of more than a 1,000 football fields. Three of them feature airfields long enough to accommodate military aircraft—including fighters, and military weapons have been sighted on the islands.

  14. peter238 says:

    Japan is just too cowardly to admit its WWII crimes, Nanjing massacre, comfort women, and unit 731 biological warfare etc. Japan is shrinking economically, with an aging population, and the whole country is getting submersed into the Pacific ocean fault line. Most of Japan's military equipment have to bought from the US, as Japan's technology is too backward and lousy.

  15. India will support Japan.pakistan will support China.russia ,usa and nato will be neutral.
    India may lose kashmir and arunachal to china but pakistan will be disintegrated in to 5 pieces.

  16. 金钢 says:


  17. Japan will win all the way.. Robust and Sophisticated just like Israel. Numbers could not tell. Only the Elites survive.

  18. If Japan attack China, Japan will be the nuclear waste land.

  19. fuck the japs they are using American to against to china at all time , fuck you little japs

  20. i bet u all no american = no japan

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