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Dan Poynter wrote in Prosperous Nonfiction that authors ought to in no way host autograph get-togethers. As a substitute of simply signing their textbooks, the issue to do was give “mini-seminars.” In an August twenty seventh, 2006 job interview with Tee Morris for “The Survival Manual to Producing Fantasy,” Annie Hololob, Group Relations Supervisor for the Harrisonburg, VA Barnes & Noble, confirms the worth of producing your reserve signing into an celebration. (Tee himself apparently has a routine of staging sword fights in the course of his reserve signings, which undoubtedly livens items up.)If you want to have an celebration at a Barnes & Noble, the Group Relations Supervisor is the human being to speak to. This is the human being who is aware of whether or not the store’s shoppers are the ideal market for your reserve, or whether or not you’d do far better at a retail outlet in a different city. (My area Barnes & Noble, for instance, isn’t going to even have creator events, just a kid’s tale time.) This is the human being whose very good facet you want to get on.

There are two essential items you need to have just before you get started assembling your push kit and cultivating the CRM at your area Barnes & Noble, however. Devoid of them, there’s no way the retail outlet can have your textbooks. Huge chain bookstores have to run by certain principles in buy to keep in enterprise, and individuals principles may possibly exclude you and your reserve for motives that have nothing to do with your deserves as a writer.


In buy for BN to buy, inventory, and promote your textbooks, they have to be available via a wholesaler or distributor such as Ingram or Baker & Taylor–1 BN already has a romance with. That indicates BN can purchase the reserve at a wholesale price tag, usually 40-sixty% off the protect price tag, without heading to excess issues to special-buy it. If your reserve is traditionally published, there ought to be no issue with this. 1 of the motives for picking out to go with a main publisher or recognized modest push is that they are already BN Distributors of File. The traditionally self-published, individuals like Dan Poynter who get started their own publishing corporations, can grow to be Distributors of File by filling out the BN Publisher Info Form.

The authors who run into real issues in the distribution office are individuals with POD textbooks. These textbooks may possibly be very good-on the lookout and substantial high-quality. They may possibly even be available via Baker & Taylor or Ingram. But unless of course requested in quite substantial portions, they are made available only for the retail price tag. BN’s regular buy when working with a new publisher is two copies of every single title. Even an buy of thirty-50 textbooks for a signing isn’t heading to present adequate of a financial gain margin to make it value the bookstore’s when. And mainly because Print on Demand textbooks are actually printed only when requested, each and every copy is much extra costly to create than a similar mass-generated reserve.


The other issue that keeps POD textbooks-and their authors-out of chain shops like Barnes & Noble is the absence of a returns plan. Bookstores count on to be in a position to return all unsold textbooks to a publisher, and not to shell out the publisher for any of the textbooks until finally soon after they promote. Unsold textbooks usually are not even returned intact: the addresses get ripped off and they are sent absent to be pulped. (I kid you not. I was horrified to discover this, even soon after studying all individuals warnings about not getting textbooks without addresses.)

POD properties really don’t warehouse textbooks and cannot present that type of returns plan, and quite several self-published authors are heading to want to. But no matter how barbaric a exercise pulping is, it really is a reality of lifestyle at all main reserve shops, and Barnes & Noble did not invent it. Nor does a Group Relations Supervisor have the energy to bend the principles about this, however flexible s/he may possibly be about the kind your signing normally takes if you can satisfy the store’s specifications.


If you are a self-published or POD creator and touring the main chain bookstores is some thing you cannot reside without, you can try to fascination a standard publisher in your reserve, while you need to have to make guaranteed that you seriously own the reserve in its latest kind just before you do this. (Most POD properties lay declare to the remaining, formatted version of your reserve, while the information remains yours.)

Or you can skip Barnes & Noble entirely and keep your reserve events somewhere else. Unbiased bookstores are frequently in a far better position than significant chains to get a opportunity on an creator, while they, much too, need to have to be in a position to purchase the textbooks at a reduced adequate price tag to make a financial gain. Public libraries are just about always inclined to acknowledge the donation of a reserve or two and host a studying.

And, of class, if you make your residing as a speaker, back-of-room income may possibly be your most effective bet and an chance to get advantage of the in addition facet of self-publishing and POD: having to preserve a much better proportion of the book’s retail price tag.

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Regrettably, it seems that the 2005 episodes of The Survival Manual to Producing Fantasy podcast are no for a longer period available on the show website, but ought to you be in a position to monitor them down, you want episode 003 and episode 021.

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