The Kool Keith Show – Episode 1


The Kool Keith Show – Episode 1 starring Kool Keith with special guest = George Clinton of P-Funk (aka Dr. Funkenstein) written + directed by: Matt Powers …


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  1. 'I wanted to enjoy this but I'm a shallow hipster brat' JKKKKKK

  2. fuk this is so RAW

    kool keith still on it

  3. Carmen is gorgeous & this is weird as fuck.

  4. i think lotion man squeezed one out on my muni seat about a month ago.

  5. chicken chow mien mayne!

  6. EJ25WRX says:

    this is like a tim and eric video

  7. Earl Toomey says:

    Out of all of the alter egos.. kook keith was the original critical beatdown.. black Elvis, rithym X, doc. Octagon.. countless shit.. now give the drummer some

  8. Someone says, "how's it goin?" I simply say, "chicken chow mane Maine."

  9. Parker W. says:

    "Theres a lot of pussy in those trees", lol

  10. FANKANable says:

    as I walk through the garden of orange tomatoes…I see blue flowers

  11. farkingelle says:

    cocaine is a hell of a drug!

  12. Luis Grovio says:

    i would trust my life in the hands of people who like this video. kool keith is supreme.

  13. Michael X says:

    "I don't need drugs to make weird music" – Kool Keith

  14. what's the fucking sound from when the girls hair turns into chicken chow mein?

  15. adizmal says:

    Chicken chow mein, mane.

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