The Lord of the Rings Mythology Explained (Part 1)


Before you see the final Hobbit Movie, learn about the mythology of The Lord of The Rings universe Wallpapers from the video available at Patreon: …


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  1. Wow I had no Idea it went that deep

  2. ralf dsouza says:

    this ended so fast

  3. Jan Rudd says:

    I was just trying to read about all this yesterday on a wiki, and then found this today! Thank you for this – it's great!

  4. NIce ! Thumb up.
    ANd if you wonder how could be a Lord of the Rings style Food Stop Motion Parody..please check last episode of FREEZ on our channel English subtitles available !

  5. This is pretty much a retelling of Biblical creation. Lucifer = Melkor.

  6. vijay patil says:

    Take action guys: use this link …before they runs out !! Links Here!! — === !! Guides placed right here commonly working. Just got that 9999999 Credits The Lord of the Rings Mythology Explained (Part 1)

  7. Rig0p says:

    Since the background of the middle earth was a work in progress at Tolkien death, he said to his son in a letter that the origin of the orcs had to be change. He wanted them to be pure evil and had nothing to do with elves.

  8. His voice has the same intellectually-inspiring sounds and dolcet tones as +yogscast will

  9. VoidKeeper says:

    nice going Melkor, thanks for bringing suffering and crap into the world. jeez.

  10. some of this is inaccurate

  11. TyronMakeka says:

    Now eveything makes sense…. and now I wanna read the bacground myself.
    Thanks for this amazing video have like!

  12. James Gant says:

    Dwarves were brought to life though by Illuvitar.

  13. THANK YOU!!!! Goddamn I've been looking for a short and sweet summary for a while now. I like the lore, but I can't obsess over it. But I don't feel bad or that I'm less of a fan, because I don't see a character like Pippin losing his mind in the smallest details. Watch a short and sweet video, grab a pint, and enjoy the books with a little more understanding. Thanks again!!! This was perfect for me. About 1/4 done The Fellowship ?

  14. Good video friend! :D

  15. Eru Guaraní says:

    Why shouldn't man travel to Valinor? the punishment for numenor was way too hight and bloody. lluvatar is a very bloody god!

  16. Hugo Faísca says:

    Who created the skin changers?

  17. alars100 says:

    Just one mistake Gray, the known Valar and Maiar are not all the Ainur Eru created, there are scores of other Ainur that chose to stay with Eru and not descend into Arda and do stuff there. You sort of made it sound as if the Ainur living in Arda are the only ones and Eru is sorta alone in the timeless void.

  18. My heart is so happy that you made this

  19. remind me of an apocryphal book of the Bible, the creation of the universe, so like that could say it was inspired by him, it's as if the ring represent the evil side and all the "angels" are tempted to him as Galadriel and Boromir for example. and of course the Son of God (not Jesus) falls into temptation and acquire the knowledge of evil

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