The Mass Media Message Massage

truther December 18, 2011 0

by Zen Gardner

Raw TV always amazes me. But watching this “holiday” TV stuff and the advertising bombardment, especially for movies and even more television, never mind the senseless materialism, it’s clearer than ever what its purpose is.

The number one message of mainstream media is to establish one thing front and center:

“Everything is OK, everything is normal, everything is as it should be.”

Why is that important?

It’s the lifeblood of the numbed masses. They feed off of this reassurance in a world that is continually more confusing. They just want to know everything’s OK. As long as they can hear or see that reaffirmed, however false or manipulative, they’ll stay in their hypnotic trance.

“Hey, stocks are still trading, and finance companies are still competing for my business, how can the crash be near? There are still new cars coming out, movies are being produced, sports events are packed and more sensational than ever…how can anything all that serious possibly be threatening our world, nation or way of life?”

Same Old Story

Reminds me of something I heard before;

“For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark.”

Despite the warnings and preparations by others to prepare for an apocalypse, whether literal or allegorical, very few people listen. Profoundly appropriate for today’s world.

Keep everyone distracted, they might pick up on what’s going down. It doesn’t even need to be engineered, it has its own generational momentum to carry it forward. The programming is complete.

“Someone Would Have Said Something”

What’s the reply you get from entrenched people who refuse to hear the Truth? “If that was the case I would have heard about it.” Understandable, in a pathetic sort of way, but that’s how people have been trained to think and feel. The underlying message is, if anything was seriously wrong, this same day-to-day programming wouldn’t be playing. Everything would stop somehow and we’d thereby be alerted.


Stop right there. Multitudes have said something. It just got buried, or marginalized. But that becomes clear later on in your wake up.

Stage 2: When to break the trance? For a new one!

The fact that such massive enterprises exist who continue to promote this monolithic system of econo-corporate control is almost overwhelming.

The only time we’ll get any kind of huge alert and “interruption of our programming” is when it serves a distinct purpose. We see this all the time with these “terror threat alerts” and these little false flags they pull to keep the terrorism fear-mongering front and center.

That and creating enemies out of whomever they want to vanquish next, like the Iran war drums.

The classic example was 9/11. Those images played almost 24/7 until the Patriot Act was signed and the war agenda was well under way. The problem-reaction-solution tactic had to reach stage 3 and then they let up. Since then we see this to lesser extents but all playing against that background of trauma released on the public.

It’ll Happen Again

With something that works so well, you think they won’t push it to the hilt? Especially with the masses transfixed on television and the entertainment industry.

Now that they’ve passed this draconian new indefinite detention bill, we’re all in deep chocolate. Nothing “American” about it, and whatever new “events” await us will tell the tale.

Hang in there. The demons have been loosed. But we are superior to their ugly, lower vibe. Fear not.

Love, Zen

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