The Most Powerful Bird On Earth – Full Documentary 2016


Harpy Eagle, The Eagle of Eagles. Harpy Eagles are among the world’s largest and most powerful eagles. Their rear talons are about 3-4 inches long – the …


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  1. This fucking pommey fuck probably hunting this bird to fluff it. I'm surprised to see these howler monkeys and this three towed sloth is here… fuck it I'll fluff them too… this fuck has sucked animals off that science hasn't even named yet… dresses up in riot gear to get thumb size talons stimulate his prostate. Fuck wit's go home

  2. …. I actually really enjoyed this on acid
    the bird wanted them to get closer but the folks weren't cool with it but he's like I'll sneak away and follow me for a close up for your documentary man!
    and they did and they got the shots .

  3. smpl47 says:

    'He is so curious, what does he want?' He just wants to eat you :))

  4. Tom Hunscher says:

    More powerful than an ostrich?

  5. In Philippines. We call it Monkey Eating Eagle. Monkeys are starting protesting this monster for not respecting them. Lol

  6. shyan biswas says:

    such a nice documentary..

  7. sid sandyy says:

    Keep it up man..time just flew by my side.

  8. Too much of authors face and authors ego in this film

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