The Murder Of Emmett Till – Documetary in HD


Emmett Till was a 14-year old boy who In 1955 during the Jim Crow era, was taken from his relatives home and brutally beaten then shot in the head for …


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  1. BlazingShade says:

    "i'm a hoodrat because i schooled you? never bitch"

    Aw, the bitch is confused. No, you're a hoodrat because of your hoodrat behavior. Also, you didn't school me. Every talking point you made, I've not only refuted, but thrown right back at you.

    "lol blocked and muted"

    You also deleted 2 of my comments. What's wrong, scared of some random guy online? Funny you say that you schooled me, yet you blocked me and deleted my previous comment like a coward. You're so desperate to save face in your thread, it's pathetic.

    If you're a Black man, I ask that you direct her to this thread. I doubt she'll confront me on my own thread, where no one's comments will be deleted.

  2. Lacey Jones says:

    I hope every sick bastard that did shxt like that goes to hell

  3. This illustrates how much things truly have changed. We can see how bogus much of the racial division is. The fact is, the race industry need conflict to exist. But race relations are so improved that a black president was elected twice. Sadly, Obama is a divisive, Marxist capitalizing on inflaming racism with his radical authoritarian agenda.

  4. Mississippi is still the dumbest and poorest state in the union. Look it up.

  5. Mr. Perfect says:

    One of the reasons I don't like interracial couples

  6. She was so ugly anyway…Why did you risk that on an unattractive girl poor emmet….rest in peace handsome man…you and your poor mother who suffered your loss every day… ?

  7. Tanya Renee says:

    The Beautiful ending is the DEATH AND ENSLAVEMENT of the Edomites as The Most High professes! Your deeds and continued oppression u must answer for! Don't hate the "Messenger" It is in the BIBLE! ALL PRAISES TO THE MOST HIGH!

  8. Emmett says:

    No body killed me, I'm right here !!

  9. samslick90 says:

    10:36 Louis Till was executed by the US Army for raping and killing an Italian woman.

  10. 02Nawal says:

    So what else is new? White racist sons of bitches killing innocent black people. Nothing has changed. Shame on you white people. Shame on you Missisippi.

  11. handsomecat1 says:

    During slavery they was raping Black Men and Black Boys also

  12. jc the kid says:

    my family is Italian white and Puerto Rican but they had many black friends back then what's up with those people who killed him

  13. Exie Nikki says:

    Makayla Dooley if u read all comments u will kniw tht i was being sarcastic. why resort to such foul language. read 1st then comment

  14. Justin Brown says:

    Simeon wright said this documentary is trash some people in this interview made lies about Emmett Till

  15. Im afraid the picture of that 14 year old kid still indicates that the so called supremacists would enjoy repeating these atrocieties, I understand that racism is across the globe but American racism is far too much advanced and cherished, that is why we still see them parading in pride, The boy s gruesome death image gave me nightmares for days, i have never seen or simply heard of anything like this

  16. It would've been nice for someone to have put a hit on Bryant and Milam.

  17. TVTruther says:

    The 1950s was the most prosperous decade in the history of America, everyone talks about success being tied into money and you have the many hypocrites of the Liberal fold who say Obama is great because he made a good economy (lie), but don't realize how great the 1950s really was…sure this was a crime, but also you allowing refugees into this country to kill us is also….shut your fuking hypocritical mouths and bring back the 50s

  18. Knowing a lot of white and black American and Europeans, I would say the white faces back then in the court or anywhere in the south look disgustingly ugly. The hate is to be seen all over their faces. I am simply disgusted each time I hear about the so called liberal country with a freedom of expression. Now the same kind of people, white, black or Asian trash ( not all though) are once again in power by means of choosing someone who represents the intolerant, educated but mad with racially obsessed America, where whites were in love with themselves, unlike Europeans back then except Germans and the followers of theirs throughout Europe, when they slaughtered Jews. I dont know what America was trying to prove by helping Europeans against Germans`in World War II (which did a lot of good to the World though, while they were no better with minorities. I still do not understand why claim something that was/is not true but no doubt America is still better than my country as whites respect whites over there and this is really something. In my country not even this is practised so I should think twice before criticise others BUT What Trump is going to do is to be seen. I hope things will not go that bad as we are all expecting in the rest of the world. I hope for better world with USA, for the only way to live in peace is to respect every human soul in this World.

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