The Murder of Gaddafi by the New World Order


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This online video contains pretty graphic written content. It contains the adhering to materials:

Muammar Gaddafi warning Arab leaders that The united states was likely to occur for them up coming. NATO bombing of Gaddafi’s convoy. Military services and Mainstream Media reporting bogus details about Gaddafi’s death. Secretary of Condition Hillary Clinton laughing at Gaddafi’s murder. Footage of al Qaeda mercenaries beating and torturing Gaddafi prior to killing him and stripping his entire body naked.

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27 Responses

  1. I hope he should have drank the poision instead of beating very badly…
    I felt very sorry……

  2. turned on Thier own leader to pave the way for the new world order.DAMN FOOLZ

  3. Is this what happens to you, when you live your life for your community's welfare???????

  4. Im so sorry ,,, they kill true legend

  5. Vince says:

    Money can make anyone turn into a traitor….sad

  6. Murdered by America

  7. Sky Hd says:

    Gaddafi was a hero for Sunnis

  8. Haider Zeb says:

    ISUPORT GADfi  allah give him janat

  9. Maximus Khan says:

    bunch of barbarian, killed their own leader, no civilized ppl treat dead person like that! Rip Qadaffi.

  10. Tina Smith says:

    muslims are the dumbest most stupid idiots on the earth.

  11. nizam uddin says:

    dont laugh you cowards you dont deserve a leader …whom you killed was a human

  12. when you are screaming allahu akbar at the peak of your voice box make sure allah is actually pleased with what you are doing. Allah did not want you to kill him because you are sewing the seeds of hatred and doing americas and israels job by killing him and making distinction between muslims just like americans did to saddam. hypocrites.

  13. Fred Fon says:

    the rebels should have cut off Gadaffi's penis.

  14. Bullshit. Gaddafi had his own way, but U.S was behind these smears and his death. All about the $$

  15. The fools people in world Libya

  16. Hamza Ali says:

    Mashallah you Idiots should be proud of yourself. There are hundreds of Leaders in the West that had killed Millions in Wars but their people never killed their own Leaders. What matters is International Protection. Qadaffi Protected Middle East and Muslims against Freemasonary, Western Infiltration and kept you free from Materialism and Financial Slavery of Banks. You people will now experience the next version of Government that is more evil and pugnacious. You people just haven't seen it yet that's why you will always hold Qadaffi as Bad . But remember he was one of those Leaders who promoted and supported the Unity of Muslim Countries. Had Muslim Countries United and Shared their Wealth and Resources Muslim Countries would've been Strongest , Richest and most Powerful Force on Earth. But the West never wants it to Happen. They have any you to Kill your own Leaders that are Strong against the West and Stronger for their countries. Now you people will never see a Stronger Leader or Representative who will stand up as a Force for Muslims and a Strong Wall in front of West to Muslim Countries. Now you will only see weak Leaders who will sell you out for Rights, Western Infiltration and would indeed not serve you but rather the Western Countries (don't mistake Western Countries as Government — It's Freemasons and Secret Societies that are running Western Governments and Banks). Now mark my Words. After about 30 to 40 years when you people will calm down and see the other version of Government that you will now have, you'll say yourself that that Dictator Qadaffi was better than these Governments. Because we did the same to our Leader too. When he was saying that "Why you are killing me? What did I do to you?" was a very truthful and right statement because he has saved you Libyans from the Horors of Western Freemasonary World Domination, Democracy, Banks and other evils of the West.

    My Dear Libyans, the Solution to all problems that we have in Muslim Countries can't be resolved by killing our Leaders or Let Foreign Countries come and kill our Leaders. The Solution, however, lies in the Unity of Muslim Countries. All Christian Countries are United and they cooperate with each other and share resources with each other. Muslim countries should also unite and share our Wealth and Resources to make our countries strong instead of being separated. Just like we Led a Islamic Conference in 1970's. We should have another Conference and Unite. Don't stay scattered as Sattan always want people to be scattered. Unite just like Christian Countries to preserve our Traditions and Heritage. Remember that we Muslims are one Ummah and one Nation and also on The Judgement Day, we will be judged as one Nation.

  17. watadoee says:

    Ever hear of the transition of currency exchange turning into gold and not paper for real service's, what government's wouldn't do to keep the paper currency exchange to some real glory estate nation, just to make there's look better. It's scandalous though because control.

  18. mook MS says:

    Idiots rag heads ……working for the americans……..then, the americans will kill you all and plunder the country.

  19. This is EXACTLY what TRUMP deserves!

  20. Jawad Ali says:

    this is sick no one should be tortured like that , inhumane , how can you laugh at someones death

  21. joan Jones says:

    How many people is he responsible for having killed?

  22. anopa silver says:

    lybians are dicks thats all umma say , and america is cruel

  23. John Zapotek says:

    stupid Libyans I hope your country is shown no mercy like you did Gaddafi

  24. john blast says:

    They could have done 'road side BBQ rack of Gaddafi'?.. Shank of Gaddafi with roast Gaddafi? Gaddafi liver and Bacon with mash and Gaddaffi sauce? Gaddafi Haggis with tatts and peas? Gaddafi & Beef sausages? Rump of Gaddafi? Roast shoulder of Gaddafi? Could have made a a lot of cash!! See, didn't think did they?!!

  25. Dirty apes,the day will come when you will regret about the death of Gaddafi ,but it will be too late.

  26. Ray F says:

    And that is why America rule over everything and everyone!

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