The Naked Truth: Trumpland


They have been called “deplorable” but they have changed the face of presidential politics in 2016. Fusion is uncovering the real people that drive the Trump …


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  1. Michael S says:

    Very balanced documentary. definitely showed both sides.

  2. Do these people seriously not know that Trump outsourced all of his manufacturing jobs and that Trump Tower was build by illegal Polish immigrants who he didn't even pay? Or are they just so racist that they don't care?

  3. Malek Ubuntu says:

    the Dems failed to do the very first thing about organizing. one on one. that's why they failed. they couldn't relate to the average person any more.

  4. that first dude definitely on dope/crystal meth.Hes a tweeker no doubt

  5. JOEL COOPER says:

    We went from the USA to the DSA, United States to Divided States of America!

  6. Black Dahlia says:

    I find it funny people people are so worked up over Trump (supporters and foes) yet where is the outrage for the common man who works hard daily and loses everything through no fault of his own? The enemy isn't trump, or Obama, or Clinton. The enemy is greedy bankers, outrageous taxes, the fact that 1% own 99% of the wealth? They divide us over silly shit, keep us in debt so we don't unite and face the REAL problem

  7. HConstantine says:

    On the contrary, I'm sure that its mainly Bernie's voters who masturbate to anime.

  8. HConstantine says:

    The plumber believes that Trump personally sent him not one two Christmas cards, thoughtfully sending one to his family? How can you talk to a mind so…so…the only word I can think of childish; I would not be surprised to hear him talk of Santa Claus as a real person.

  9. HConstantine says:

    So according to Mr. Dali–the rich pay too much in taxes and its the politicians themselves who are looting the country? And Hilary is going to make it worse for the poor and the middle class–everyone is going to be poor like in Europe? Europe? And maybe Trump is going to bring back carburetors?

    Is he off his anti-psychotics?

  10. HConstantine says:

    The woman plays Beethoven, but it's Fur Elise. The man has lithographs of Dali paintings, but all religious paintings from his late period.

  11. Oh my God, he's going to be in for 8 years. America, what have you done.

  12. Tommy Frans says:

    If you are legally her you are a United States citizen and have sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of this nation . If you are illegally you have no citizenship in this nation and have never sworn any such oath. A person swearing such a oath is bound by that oath upon using proper channels to be here . You are not to be bound to your previous country of origin as to the matter of allegiance .

  13. Wallyception says:

    1:10 when you spend too much time on 4chan

  14. Kita Barbie says:

    the lying negress should have told her son its not yur skin color it is the 26 violent priors that got his rapist, murdering thieving ass shot

  15. Lara Casey says:

    Finally someone who is pro gay marriage but also pro life I'm not the only one ????

  16. r4ckoon City says:

    Christmas cards with no specific name or last name,who does that???? A fucking print machine and then they sent it to the idiots who sent hundreds lol

  17. Hannah Tho says:

    I think trump supporters are scarier than trump himself, but then again he kind of fuels it

  18. cbattles says:

    Wow. These Trump people have been watching too much TV.

  19. Gem&Nil says:

    Trump is a hideous gas bag. He loves the uneducated and the uneducated loved him back. Good luck with that

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