THE NEW Globe Order A 6000 12 months Historical past Hd Feature Movie


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  1. Saul Romero says:

    good video. I recommend for all the viewers to check out "Communism by the backdoor" on youtube. It's definitely worth the view..

  2. imickey503 says:

    So.. Basically Move to China. Okay.

  3. Dru Sidora says:

    You know the nation's government like US is corrupt when you have a President like JFK oppose all that should not exist within government, then be assassinated right after his speech…that is not coincidence, of course it's own corrupt officials who worked around him assassinated him, because we all know that it's not presidents who control what happens, it is those who own them…..banks, vatican, and others..

  4. theresa may is eva braun hitler wife of 2016: President Putin what are you going to do now, trumps America is now officially a fascist nation and Israel his partner, we all know that to defeat any fascism without Russia is impossible. So, think carefully, reflect as the world is once again on your hands. A union between china Russia Iran India and the European nations can bring the fascist trump & Israeli nations to a halt. Same as in 1945 ..!!!

  5. from freedom to fascism, is now your turn lady Madonna to act or retract. infowars is now info-trump same as breitbart all other news is fake on the new great American fascist nation ..!

  6. Donna Jane says:

    get rid of people who think they are superior, the ones who want to enslave you and have you lick their boots!

  7. Bullshit as soon as you here the word Illuminati the BOOGYMAN the reds under the bed or JEW nonsense bullshit Name the country Monarch Rome Italia there is no such place or people as the Illuminati is a conspire theory with no fact Roman bullshit

  8. Sergiu Radoi says:

    what awakening , IT,s all in the bible , nothing can change , IT,s all in all very heart , nothing more

  9. DJMondo21 says:

    Best documentary I have seen explaining new world order

  10. DJMondo21 says:

    Who's eye is that in the dollar bill? It creeps me out

  11. everyone should read, Pawns In The Game, by William Guy Carr

  12. Luz Montalvo says:


  13. Luz Montalvo says:

    So here we are….The Israelist was founded by the Iluminti/Masons…and we, the people through our birth certificate have become "COLLATERALS" for any debt of the American nation…IS PRESIDENT ELECTED, D. TRUMP GOING TO STAND BESIDE US…OR BESIDE THE ENEMY OF AMERICA?? HE IS OUR ULTIMATE HOPE….,THERE IS NO ONE ELSE LEFT…"NO ONE NEW WORLD ORDER FOR US PLEASE"!!!!

  14. 1:14 2 dudes in front of a blue screen in a studio ~ in america ~ I feel dirty and USED

  15. JFK speech sounds like the last 8 yrs?

  16. how did u get all this info its amazing

  17. Shhhhh don't tell anybody but America is the new world order. Never before since the days of Adam had the idea been put forth that we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal endowed by their Creator with certain rights that no government can give nor take away. It goes on that it is by the laws of Nature and Nature's God that we are free.

    What you call the NWO is the old world order that traces its root back to Egypt and its symbolism revealed in the Sphinx, the superior mind of the so called "chosen" people which call themselves Jews even though they're not. Moses led the people out of Egypt and from under the rule of the ancient ruling elite monarchy system who derive their power and authority from the snake god whose image adorned the headdress of Pharaoh. Moses exposed the Pharaoh for the fraud he was and while Pharaoh's army died in the red sea the struggle would continue even till this day.

    The zionist movement to claim title as Gods chosen people was funded by the family that assumed a false identity and are known as Rothschild but whose real name is Bauer. Today the false flag state of Israel has as it's prime minister another fraud named Netanyahu but whose real family name is Mileikowsky, a pollack by blood. Neither Rothschild nor Netanyahu or the rest of the white fake Jews are Semite but those they murdered and stole the land from are. It's the biggest fraud ever committed on this planet. Moses told the Jews to choose you this day life or death a blessing or a curse. The Jews still await the rising of the dead and the coming of the Messiah because they chose death and the curse. Everything the fake Jews touch turns to shit they don't know how to run anything. God destroyed both their temples and refuses the third they want to build. The money theyve extorted by enslaving the people with the help of buying off corrupt politicians to sell the people out. But have no doubt the days of rule by liars whose master is a thief and a murderer snake god are coming to a swift and sudden end. As it's written by violence theyve ruled and by violence these terrorists will be cast out and meet their fate. Prepare yourselves for battle and arm yourselves with knowledge. Not only is America the new world order it is also Communist by nature. We all hold our rights in common just like the air we breathe and the water we drink even the Earth we live together on in common…….

  18. Robin Hood says:

    <<<Go to hell you dumb ass Bush!! Your NWO is causing death and destruction!! ugh!!

  19. I blame the sanhedrin

  20. Jean Falco says:


  21. New World Order comes from Adam Weishaupt's Illuminati formed in 1776.

  22. I need a legend in Portuguese

  23. Kenn Smith says:


  24. my only question is, how come we have the internet and access to such videos? Chinese communist party has enough power to control the internet.. but these all-powerful groups don't?

  25. Raymond tovo says:

    why in the fuck are you putting the FBI warning in front of your film?

  26. gtalover139 says:

    The big bankers involved with the global banks and central banks should be hung. I wouldn't mind seeing it either. Evil manipulative mother fuckers.

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