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  1. Your products will continue to be "made in China" no, the jobs are not coming back

  2. Crazy Horse says:

    the whole goal behind trump election os to keep people believing that the system works and that is possible to beat them at their own take. trump is preparing a war with Iran. just wait and see. it will be us military,s next destination. he,s already clashing with them. not only that, he aproved the nwo "ban list" which by coincidence are the same 7 countries that the nwo,s neocons wanted to take down on five years after 9/11. theyn pulled a master,s move: by making everyone believe he never stood a chance and that he was running against the elite, they managed to created the huge cognitive dissonance and division that se are observing in society. if Hillary had won, everything would be normal and trump supporters wouldnt even protest, but by sweeping the rug under everyone, the result is confusion, anger and violence. it was simply genius! i believe that somewhere along the race, the elite realized that trump would provide mucn better results. i believe that moment came when they realized that the"big names in the truth comunity" (i hate the whole "truther" designation) were buying into trump. just think about it: they got all the truthers believing in the system again! seriously, because of that move, Mark dice, Alex jones and others will now support everything trump does. the truthers are now pro establishment! lets face it, it was a brilliant move… they knocked out the entire country: trump supporters are with him and will support any of his actions, on the other hand, Hillary,s supporters are going crazy with huge cognitive dissonance without a clue on what to do and are in a state which does not allow them to see what is really going on. they are so confused… basicly, with the exception of a handfull of "truthers", they neutralized their entire oposition!

  3. end the beast gaing power the great babilon was healed end the satan rule the babilon america

  4. no more black asses in america the new hitler yeah

  5. J O says:

    it's another new world order surprise just like 9/11. He was selected. The presidency was given to him. He was used for whatever they are planning. I agree with your theory 100 percent.

  6. The devil tricked us all, that's how he is , made us all believe Hillary would win but he had a plot twist for us

  7. Kevin Moran says:

    the bible is full of shit

  8. Robin MX says:

    What's funny is that some ''Christians'' (more like Cultural Christians only) are accepting Trump as their new lord and savior.

  9. the reason for him getting it was there WAS a COUP within the electoral college, even though I DO believe Trump is CONTROLED OPPOSITION for Illuminati

  10. Bruce tonkin says:

    I think Trump will do better than Bush and Obama

  11. K S Barrera says:

    The New World Order did not select Trump. Christians selected Trump. Over 80% of Christians voted for him. Trump is our one reprieve that may hold off the New World Order. Trump is not a "savior" but God is restraining the NWO for now. It's not rigged. He won because Clinton's corruption is evident.

  12. julia Silva says:

    Trump is for saving his fortune not Americans. Keeping the wealthy wealthier and putting more burden on the middle class to recover our economy.

  13. nwo didnt vote trump in the ppl did

  14. ZAGREAS says:

    I agree. All these people are not elected – They are Selected!

  15. Bryan Ekberg says:

    i saw it coming because of alternative media. i believe the NWO chose hillary but it backfired. time will tell.

  16. NOT A GOAT says:

    trump is high priest of the Jesuits.  there is no stopping unless son of perdition Obama calls for martial law

  17. My eye's are on Jesus Christ, & NO man is gonna stop End Time Prophecies. God is in Control NOT!!!! MAN!!!!! Trump was NOT chosen to " MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN " Keep your eye's on Jesus Not! man. study, stay in God's Word. don't be stressed be blessed this is going according to God's plan ?

  18. Jay Cummings says:

    Ask Soros. He knows the plan.

  19. I always think of the one true president who actually went against NWO, John F.Kennedy – the greatest hero in Human history, and we know what happened to him. Will Trump dare and go rogue. . . . if he does, he will go down a hero. Rambo in part 4 said it best 'Live for something or die for nothing.' I hope Donald finds courage and does go rogue. Humanity is at stake. It is time that the true liberty overtakes that satanic abomination that has enveloped the world that has been turned into a playground for pedophile fiends and warmongers.

  20. Did the public pondered about the fact that maybe, just maybe, the elite shadow players selected the most corrupt politician in Hillary Clinton to run against Donald Trump to get him elected, for Trump would have lost to any other candidate? All mind games for these psychopaths.

  21. B Bris says:

    i am for Trump—you should be too

  22. The new world order initially selected Hillary Clinton. but the peoples said FUCK YOU.

  23. Bill Stycklo says:

    They select nothing !!!
    Trump win cause americans ballots !

  24. Trump is a Roman Catholic Jesuitical NWO Patsy . Anyone thinking any different is deranged

  25. Remember the Sabbath day (Saturday). The mark of the beast is Sunday worship being enforced by law.

  26. John Merlin says:

    Trump and Bush are not even in the same category. George Bush was a globalist and multiculturalist. He increased immigration from third world countries. His brother is married to a Mexican. Trump is a nationalist. He has said in every speech he plans to build a wall and stop immigration from countries inconsistent with our values. To compare the two is bogus.

  27. All speculation, if for example they wanted Brexit they could've made it a lot easier, the fact that the globalists, (Blair, Branson, Mandelson, Clark, etc etc), are now trying to block Brexit should really tell you something.

  28. I support Donald Trump and his plans and strategies to Make America Great Again. But I don't like his approach to other countries' internal affairs. Eg He says China's One China Policy should end. This will invite instability in the entire world. Taiwan and Hong Kong may feel encouraged to break away from Mainland. Then China may be compelled to use force as it is an issue of national sovereignty. Many more nations would follow.

  29. Do you guys not realize ur spreading fear you need to honor your president and keep ur opinions to urself seriously maybe Americans should get off there bottoms get off Facebook Youtube twitter or any other website and every citizen in the United states unite as one and stand for its country you want to be free we as the people could control what goes on in our country we need to rise and be stronger than the media but you cant do it alone one person cant do it all people must take back what is there's a single rain drop cant do anything but a rain storm can make a flood think about it

  30. More lefist bullshit .

  31. TNT Games says:

    trump os a King of dolll

  32. Bullshit the primary reason he is being slandered so hard by the media and they are trying to get so many to uprise against him is precisely because he was not their candidate and not who they planned to put in office. If it weren't for wikileaks, Hilary would have won like they planned because wikileaks exposed her/soros rigging of the elections.

  33. think occult had trump picked out the gate?and is occult himself?

  34. makes u wonder. I wanted trump over Hillary. but was sure based off media that it would of been Hillary.

  35. That's why we can't stop praying!!!

  36. He can't be owned or bossed by the elite. He can't be owned by George Soros. I'm plenty awake. I believe God's People came TOGETHER and prayed against the forces of wickedness in the heavenly places and won over Hillary, but our spiritual battle continues…..Ephesians 6:11,12

  37. Trump is against NWO

  38. where is your proof young man, its far from obvious that he is a second choice of the nwo.why would he break up nafta, why would julian assange give up his life to get him in. trump wasnt selected contrarary to what you say. . heinsight is a great thing. your a fool

  39. Invesigator says:

    Donald Trump is nothing more than an actor, in the fake democracy known as America, and he's going to take instructions from Zionist NWO. The Alt-Right stupidly believes that the Putin-Trump alliance is a unity of white power when in reality it is the coming of the NWO world order. White racism and cultivated Islamic extremism plays well in the hands of the powers that be.

  40. Saviour ? He is a RAPIST !!! Stupid Christians that voted for him ….

  41. Bill Timmick says:

    Alex Jones says he is going to stop the New World Order. If he said it, then he has the documents, then it has to be true. Like putting money in the bank.

  42. Bill Timmick says:

    no election just another rubber stamped selection

  43. wake up Democrat Donald Trump is against the New World Order you're delusional if you think he's for it and just to let you know the governor President of Russia Putin is also against the New World Order

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