The number of arrivals – FUNNY – Imam Suhaib Webb


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  1. Yuhda Huda says:

    There are people who exaggerate conspiracies AND there are those who downplay conspiracies…BEWARE OF BOTH TYPES ! This clip is of the latter! Ignorance of your past will allow your enemies to repeat their tricks on you! "A Mu'min is one who is not bitten from the same hole twice" (Sahih Muslim)

  2. @halal Shiekh @Zimmerinhere

    (Comment has nothing to do with the video above)
    do not watch the videos of Suhiebb webb he is a modernist who supports obama

    go to twitter[DOT]com/ImamSuhaibWebb/status/325431190846840832

  3. Dawud Bryant says:

    theres alot of muslims i know who watch arrivals etc and go crazy over it yet still dont pray or fast etc, they still smoke weed even though they know its all the governments plan to get people high so they are easy to control cos they are too lazy to do anything,

  4. Dear Uploader, your video has raised quite a debate and profiling against The Arrivals Series and Brother Suhaib Webb. Personally, I love Imam Suhaib on Reflections in TV Al Hijrah and respect the efforts done by the producers of The Arrivals. Let us ALL agree it is not easy doing what they do. For the comment and advices given by the Imam are actually t

  5. You need to be moderate. islam is the middle path. You must cultivate yourself, yes, but also your family and community. The man is correct in that people are going too far towards conspiracies, and that we dont even educate our children. Hes correct in saying that we as an ummah no longer adhere to islam. However, to ignore the rest of the world and people killing others would still be a sin.

  6. mo8blazer says:

    is he one of the so called 'scholars for dollars'?? It seems he is being given that status as the US approved imam… Please unite us muslims and guide us on the straight path ya Rabb.

  7. Falis says:

    If this isnt Imam Webb, the guy who threw the Tsarnaev brothers under the bus even before a court prounounced their guilt. Way to go and betray people of your community Mr.!

  8. thetrruthful says:

    Beware of american approved/appointed so called scholars……. ones who try take control of your mind and put people to sleep. We follow the Quran and the sunnah of our beloved Prophet peace be upon him. There is no modern, western, american approved Islam.

  9. UmarH27 says:

    I close my eyes and I swear I hear imam siraj wahaj

  10. UmarH27 says:

    Mashallah good points from this imam. All you peeps in the comment section are the people he is talking about. Stop worrying about conspiracies. What can you do about it anyway. The way to protect from the dajjal is to learn first and last 10 verse of surah Al Kahf and none of us have done it yet

  11. Sanad Saleh says:

    what he exactly wants to say is not agreeing or disagreeing with arrivals but he wants to say if we r following Quran n the rules of Allah nothing can harm us cuz Allah is with us n we don have to scare anything we have to fear the most powerful "Allah" who is above me you and "illuminati"… Allah says in Quran Chapter (8) sūrat l-anfāl " The unbelievers planned to imprison, murder or expel you (Muhammad) from your city. They make evil plans but God too plans and God's plans are the best"..

  12. Su Na says:

    Keep your friends close,your enemies closer! We've 2 know what's going on outside our house,so we can prepare ourselves.It's good to know that Evil is active, without taking any moment off, but we Muslims lets also not take a minute off and come closer to Islam. Worship Allah SWT now you know that only He can save you. Arrivals was an excellent movie to open our eyes! Even our Prophet SAW warned us for the One Eyed Dajjal (Illuminati). It's a fact, but Allah SWT is the Almighty! Fear Allah SWT!

  13. Mandinko23 says:

    i agree the conspirator are weak who cares about them. i said us muslim need to worry about our deen and character.

  14. debra123ist says:

    Who is this guy,after watching THE ARRIVALS and praying,i am thing of converting to Islam,and this guy,gave me a stabbing pain in my chest. How can he be so judgemental of other brothers. This is not FUNNY.

  15. I'm totally with him in this video. I've always kept an open mind to things, and while I don't disagree that there are things going on behind the curtain which we are unaware of, the series "The Arrivals" was a total waste of time. It is EXTREMELY contradictory in its message with little or NO evidence (watch the entire thing before judging it) and shows content that makes it impossible to watch with your parents or show it in an Islamic setting. So think really hard before defending it.

  16. Not too keen on this brother, he makes some offensive statements on some of his videos on you tube about Arabs, about Hijab and about islamic names…. I don't know who he thinks he is? Some gangsta wannabee. But needs to take a chill pill and learn from some scholars. Don't know what is happening up in America, he is an imam? Lord help them in America….

  17. Illuminati is real. Conspiracy is, out,there. But they're not that powerful..for those conspiracy lovers out there…here's another theory for you. Maybe they spread this story on how undefeated powerful they are through this rumors on film,symbol etc. YOU are the one who enhanced the image. Think about it. If they;re very organized n so secretly , why should them give a hint, about their existence? So that we know? Isn't that stupid? Take this shkh advice. Improve yourself!!

  18. If I don't look at him I can imagine a black man speaking lol

  19. Imran Ali says:

    All these conpiracy theories I hear there is just no proof for they are just speculations! Im not saying there is no free masonry and devil worship but I think we give them too much power which in turn creates paranoia and this wastes time!

  20. chimp637 says:

    Hey stop knocking the arrivals it had a lot of facts in it. but none the less We Muslims should care less about anything with conspiracy because if we are practicing Islam like we are supposed to then we would have nothing to worry about because Allah will always bring us Muslims to success. the arrivals did not lie about anything they said tho. 

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