The Order Of Death – Alex Jones Documentary


The Order of Death picks up where Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove leaves off. This new work exposes the connections between the Bohemian Club and …


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  1. Calbrdg540 says:

    No wonder the elite think we're morons…some of us certainly are. Take the "protesters" of the evil magick of the Grove at 22:30. Their "righteous solution"? Why, MORE evil magick, as in "more nukes". Can u spell WTF?

  2. Anto Travers says:

    God out Lord protect us from evil

  3. stupid video all publicity its bad publicity if you try to do good you will have your word miss taking.

  4. Do any of them know the leaders of the world are there to brutal rape and kill young children?
    Someone please please tel them! please!

  5. occultism is fucking weird as fuck I'm feeling embarrassed as fuck watching some of this

  6. Dean Murray says:

    we must keep a open mind about all things considered what why how we must ask are self and others and understanding the true meaning of the degrees of freedom ….. we must let people do …. if we start making rules and rules and rules what freedoms are we taking away from us all

  7. Cindi Mills says:

    you are planted !! May God in heaven forgive you for your deceit!! You are not Alex jones& even if you were. you would be dead!!

  8. This stuff is just bizarre

  9. this is some crazy stuff

  10. bottle2lip says:

    nothing worse than a progressive hippy liberal white witch from San Fran

  11. wut day don no is tht hesus ws alluminate

  12. A trifecta of stupid douchebags

  13. Wow?! So this is whats happening in this world. Great work Alex! The leaders even admitted or maybe secretly admitted the bohemian grove and the order of dead. Weird as fuck if you ask me. I'm still shocked over this but heck? You are a real brave man. :P

  14. very informative even if it's a little old. thank you for sneaking in

  15. If no demonstrations could have got better footage people are stupid

  16. at 21:26 that is why drugs are illegal

  17. Jesus Christ is coming back is real soon get save and Repent. God Love you. Dec 14 Aug 16.


  19. 01102 01102 says:

    34:41 should put a bowl with dip sauce in it that he could point his stupid index finger in lmao

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