The Path To WW3: Middle East to escalate into World War 3



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  1. May God Please Help Us

  2. Jose Pinet says:

    Well all the citizen from every country have to over throw their government , i am pretty sure no one love war

  3. helicoptered says:

    Should be a good show.

  4. blue11lsu says:

    He does have nut in his name.

  5. ilvin pena says:

    So the replicans are ganna save us from going into another war? Op they invaded iraq and afganistan naybe no.

  6. SherryVapors says:

    @Tsiyonut times Thanks very much indeed for this. Keep on spreading the truth. Your vid is accurate, concise and cogent. And don't mind these fucking morons opposing you. These fuckers are either paid israeli cyber-goons or if non-zionist Americans, they are just plain stupid. Its the result of inbreeding, listening to Rushed Limbo et. al and watching Faux T.V.

    Most of these assholes don't have a pot to piss in, yet they are so stupid that they support the rich and their agenda.

  7. Ryan Webb says:

    Sherryvapors your no better then the people your insulting!!
    Also anyone can make the same statement you've made about you being inbred and the socialist media you watch/read..
    ALL media is spun into their views.
    So your "info" is no better! FACT!

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