The Philppines in the verge of World War 3. Are we being attacked now???


Why do we need to pray for our nation . Our nation is facing not only a natural disaster , but man-made catastrophe . This is the time for all Philippine prayer .


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  1. 2F4R says:

    this video sucks, prayer does nothing. 

  2. Son Goku says:

    Weather control isn't new. HAARP is an old US technology already and they have been using it multiple times in the past to create rainfall but the HAARP is not capable of creating a storm. They have something new that can create storms with gigantic diameter like the Haiyan and Katrina. Normal storms usually has lesser diameter. Storms with an unbelievable gigantic diameter like the Haiyan and Katrina are most likely created by their latest weather control technology and not by the HAARP. HAARP can only produce weird looking clouds that sometimes leaves traces like clouds falling to the ground or clouds that obviously don't look like normal clouds. These clouds produces rain but sometimes it does not. HAARP was abandoned by the US Military because it leaves obvious traces and it also failed to create the kind of destruction that they wanted. They have something new that is hard to detect unless you are monitoring the frequencies 24/7. The United States is not the only nation that is using this technology so do not single out on the United States. China, Russia and Iran are continously developing their weather control technologies. We cannot point a finger to anyone because there are too many suspects and their technology is so advanced that it leaves no evidence. It is so advanced that if you tell someone about it, that someone would probably tell someone that you are crazy.

  3. Floyd Fagan says:

    suggesting the States would purposefully attack the Philippines with a weather storm is madness –

  4. The Philippines needs to prepare for war. It's citizens must prepare for war. The Philippines hold alot of untapped natural resources that can make China even more powerful. Philippines must prepare and pray for when the war happens the Philippines and it's allies will be victorious. 

  5. marco polo says:

    If WW3 happens will they still be like recruiting people from their homes to join the army? like what they did in WW2 and WW1

  6. Floyd Fagan says:

    The Airport in Manila Philippines is the only airport I have ever been to where numerous times when the plane is landing from an international flight pretty well every passenger on the plane is cheering with delight  Why-the beautiful airport,??the weather?? it is the wonderful attitudes and powerful sense of generous and spiritual co operation and tolerance of the average Filipino-because these wonderful people have such dignity and consideration for others, the world does love the people of the Philippines .America loves the Philippines,Europe Loves the Philippines GOD loves the Philippines it is THE most friendly country in ASIA period

  7. philipines is now ready for the war ph buy missile defence 50 pieces

  8. Gorgeous Me says:

    Typhoon haiyan, has a secret agenda to find the metric tons, tons of gold of king Solomon.

  9. Gorgeous Me says:

    Typhoon, Tsunami, earthquake even war cannot destroy the whole Philippines coz we are scattered 7,107 islands I won't count sabah coz not yet return to Philippines but sooner sabah will back to us. 

  10. Wow talk about shills and trolls on the coments! yes this is real. Especialy the united states ,Are doing this big time. look up in the fucking sky you dumb fucks. see the white trails being left be all the jets? watch what they do! It is weather control and population control all wraped up in one!

  11. Its all about climate change.

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