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  1. I wish people would stop referring to the scum of earth as the elite

  2. Yoga was given to us by Lord Shiva It s purpose is to prevent illness through physical exercises and Yoga means union , the union of mind body and spirit. At first I thought this was going to be a good video but now I see that its heavily weighted towards Christianity/religionism All religion is supremacist , followers may as well be racist We cannot even begin to love God until we love Gods creation Everyone has their own path of learning , we must respect that , all paths lead to the Supreme

  3. eskatee says:

    Well done, thank you very much indeed,

    Faith is given
    Religion is subject to Faith
    Faith can not be subject to religion

  4. Why do people keep re-uploading this horseshit film? Religion is just another method of control by the so-called 'elite'. They gave you your dumb faith! Now it has served it's purpose and they have new methods of control, so now they want to destroy it. Funny how you follow blindly like a sheep kidding yourself you're awake. Too scared to put aside your little fantasy world of fairy tale stories and false promises.

  5. azure6 says:

    Always, do the ignorant mock that which they cannot spiritually understand

  6. tulio justo says:

    The few hundreds we call elite are scums surely. But they are deemed to failure. Their only strengh lies on secrecy, however, the more this group moves towards its objectives the more exposed they are. We still don't know its face, but once our real enemy exercises power and thus reveals itself, it will become vulnerable. After all, it is only a group of people, nothing else, if we prick them they will cry, if we kill them they will die. It assumes control over men, but men are resourceful.

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