The Primer Fields – Part 1



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  1. I don't know if anyone else thought this but the image of the field of the parabolic magnets at 30:29 resembled the Egyptian scarab with the wings and Sun disk above it.

  2. Michael00172 says:

    I have had an ongoing experiment whereby I too can keep two balls in a stable position,both being attracted to each other & both wanting to fly apart through repulsion. It's called a covalent bond,I called this 'experiment', the 'teste's',which,happily for me, has been a success for the last 70+ years. By repute, Hitler waswould have been unable to perform such an  experiment.

  3. kether is the force of all things. your video made my faith stronger

  4. I once created a magnet with the North side shaped like a phallus and the the South side shaped like a Vulva! I instantly ejaculated and created a new form of life based on Froot Loops! I've been there, pal!!

  5. I would call it a serious stretch to say that 33:30 is actually that shape…

  6. akronymus says:

    dumb-down shit, sorry.

  7. can i have permission to use a couple of images from the video please. ?

  8. what would be the magnetic field emitters in space creating the red square ?

  9. do you reply to anyone Rudolf?

  10. what would happen if the bottom magnetic field generator was concave ? like a bowl,
    turning the bottom magnetic field dome over, so it becomes bowl , what happens, would it do anything ? …..

  11. what would happen if the bottom field emitter was a flat disc ?

  12. Flypurplecat says:

    Is the "red square nebula" different than the "red rectangle nebula"?

  13. paul9812b says:

    "I went to CERN…."
    Oh no, I thought, as I'm convinced that only idiots work there. Will I be proven wrong??
    ".. and took the shape of a building that looked funny". Phuuu! Only new age philosophy took place at CERN. My belief system remain intact…

    Almost 20 min into the video and I still haven't heard anything that resembles science. Out of patience. Good work.

  14. you generated a plasma and directed it through a couple of bowel shaped magnetic fields…so? What (do you believe) you have thus proven? In other words what relevance does it have with anything? What's the big deal I ask? How does this disprove black holes etc.?

  15. noisepuppet says:

    magnets are fun amirite

  16. ken thomas says:


  17. wouldtn then particles just steak to each other then, same as magnets do

  18. Nuno Girão says:

    I almost gave up seeing the rest of the video just by the copyright at 1:00. If this is a world changing event, why copyright it? The problem nowadays is that everything seems to belong to someone. If you want to be part of history, copyright the discovery, not the use. Damn lawyers and neoliberalism ideias.

  19. It's funny how at times it resembles a miniature quasar !

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