The REAL Power Behind The New World Order (Full Documentary)


A documentary that exposes the Illuminati solution societies driving the Satanic New Entire world Purchase!


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  1. The Real Power Behind The JEW World Order!
    Free to view, watch here now, courtesy of JewTube!

  2. Nana Asamoah says:

    When you sip a bottle of whisky,you will end up having dream of someone playing a piano,but when you recover from your land of dream,you realise the land of your birth.
    Danm you,wake up from your slamber and see the reality of life.

  3. the piano the piano the piano whoever was playing it'd play great poker

  4. William Lowe says:

    talk about Forcing prophecy into your paradigm. Israel is NOT a cup of trembling. smh…stop forcing that prophecy on people that don't fit it.

  5. Jeff Thurber says:

    You have to be intelligent enough to either know, or do the true
    research on:

    The Federal (not Federal: privately owned) and taking our money back:
    like JFK (Silver Certificates: Order 11110) and Lincoln (Green Backs)
    tried to do, but, under a whirlwind of controversy, were Assassinated
    for basically just that!

    I feel that this should include, at minimum, the following:

    1. The Three Sovereign City States (3SCS), that have there own Flag, an
    Obelisk, dating back to Ancient Egypt, at the center of them and are not
    part of the states and/or countries they are in.

    a. Vatican City that has the White Pope in charge, with the goal
    of world domination over religion with about 2 billion members today.

    b. Inner City London that has A. Rothschild as the Mayor of the
    Council of 13 with the goal of world domination over money/banking and
    business (Public Business).

    c. Washington DC that has Congress, for the most part, in charge
    with the goal of world domination over the military (industrial military

    2. Who is in charge of each of the individual 3SCS, and also over all

    3. What happens when a company goes Public!

    4. The Obelisk and what it means or symbolizes (emerging of "their"
    power over/in that area)?

    5. The Black Pope (Superior General of Jesus/Jesuits) and what he truly

    6. The Grey Pope and the 13 Gray Papal Bloodlines, that date back to
    Ancient Egypt, and gray because they have tried to hide in the shadows,
    as not to be known.

    7. The true evolution of Monotheism from Polytheism because the devil
    (Science/Enlightened ones/ Lucifer's…) started to prove that man could
    control more and more of the ""Gods", which I feel means the Unknown.
    And, how the church feared loosing control over the masses, due to this,
    so they also hedged their bets by killing off the devil's and all their
    great work (Science or the understanding of the world and how it
    worked, and would kill anyone that disagreed : ), just like killing off
    90 million to 160 million native inhabitants of the land that is now
    called America, also burning all books of Truth, kind of as the
    Corporate owned media does today?

    8. Why the USA can only have a President, like all Corporations, and not
    a king, queen or lord?

    9. Why the USA has no ownership in Washington DC (the United States
    Incorporated) and who owns the stock of this corporation and the USA

    10. About the True Crown (inner city london) and how they have or are
    turning all countries into Crown Colonies, by defacto: corporations and
    owning the stock, so we don't realize the truth.

    11. Why is Washington DC called "Washington" DC, after the about 9th
    president, George Washington (An admitted Master Mason), of the United
    States/Colonies was placed in office, and all capital buildings were
    burnt down.

    12. How many things they are in control of, that took thousands of
    years, like: Schools, Governments, Money, Colleges, Media, Secrete
    Services, Secrete Societies…

    Once all these items, and many others, are truly known (TRUTH) and we
    follow the money, the world makes perfect sense: well at least it does
    to me.

    Do you have it in you?

  6. this is a very important documentary for all Christians.

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