The Real Reason Why Notorious B.I.G Is Dead! – Illuminati Exposed


The Real Reason Why Notorious B.I.G Is Dead! – Illuminati Exposed #Illuminati Killed Big Poppa, as the Greatest Cover up in the History of Hip-Hop! 2Pac Biggie Illuminati Exposed Rap Sacrifices in Hip-Hop

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46 Responses

  1. 4:17: Asian boy starts turning into Pac

  2. kenny wu sucka dick biggie dick at that u a faggot hoe ass niggaz can't tell me shit bout my nigga Pac hatin azz

  3. Simone King says:

    Because of Puffy….

  4. Kk Tafari says:

    when PAC got shot at Diddy house they was dude that puffy hire one was big l brother big had nothing to do with it puffy set it up because remember PAC was talking about illuminati brother hood big was leaving bad boy BIG first artist was Cam'ron and he was taking alot with him I know what dude is talking about and one thing 666 is not the devil if u follow kemit

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  6. don't go against the whaaaat LMFAO!!!! 6:10

  7. Leo Schimes says:

    move on thats what biggie and pac would have wanted yo damn just get off it fuckin a

  8. Leo Schimes says:

    then just let them rest in peace please from leo profficee s

  9. Leo Schimes says:

    regardless tupac cannott be beat thats why I stopped rapping not because of shaddy or the song not afraid I can beat shaddy im confident about that but I cant beat tupac in lyrics but you omg you are a jerk of

  10. joektwo2 says:

    sad but true the fucking gay agenda evil forces out there contolling everything,for everybody who doesnt see WAKE UP!!!

  11. 2pac the best rapper of all time ,then come biggie

  12. Julie Yoo says:

    cuz he was shot in los angeles for bieng a fuckboy

  13. Bruce Dent says:

    one of? wtf?! get your facts straight! Biggie was the greatest of all time! an encyclopedia of hits, and there was no limits to his genius. Biggie, was, and still is the shit, recognize the real! or gtfooh!

  14. kenny wu niggaz talk alot of shit but its after im gone cause they fear me in a physical form, biiitch. im troublesome

  15. bignardo95 says:

    the clothing line was called Brooklyn Mint. I had outfits from the line. That demonic shit is bullshit and only takes place in the minds of weak human beings.

  16. Ben BACA says:

    no pac was also going to be dangerous like them he was telling the people to kill everybody know that's not good you should have told him to go after the Illuminati and the secret society people and the government not the innocent people

  17. JAY OH says:

    the reason why puffy caused biggies deat his because deep down he let suge get too him .that move going over to L.A when suge and pac were out of the picture was intentional .It was basically saying to suge i'm in your house now watchu gunna do ?he forgot how cali niggas like to play .They checkedpuffys ego when they killed biggie puffy caused his death by putting him in harms way

  18. Brian Lynch says:

    @thebiggestreason LOve This man, keep keeping it Real,Jesus Christ my brother. I can Tell a Pac when when I see one.Pac would be proud of this video, His Truth Needs to be told. I just subscribed my friend

  19. Jess Taylor says:

    sold his own people out..promoter of black on black violence…he deserved what He got.

  20. Ken Padmore says:

    the clothing line was brooklyn mint

  21. bigmo72 says:

    speak english you stupid fuck

  22. Ayo Pac won't the greatest…. Kool g rap could beat his ass, L.L. , u a dick riding nigga

  23. ,Ayo fuck you English bitch

  24. Ayo fuck u bitch east coast mother fucker

  25. Lol mfa b on that peddy shit tho witch is fuc up tho

  26. Baka Kham EL says:


  27. ELVIS ROSE says:

    in my hood voice.. "sheyyt yo faggittt azzup u hunkyy muffukkca"

  28. If you don't get your European Illuminati ass out of here!!! I feel your passion but NO fam. BIG's death isn't as deep as Pac's. And Pac wasn't a Black Panther. His mom and the guy he called his dad was one

  29. Jay Hall says:

    are talking shit about shit u know nothing about … u all the way in the uk talking about shit over here smh

  30. biggie has two albums…

  31. that what he get fuck biggie for set up tupac so tupac fake his death to kill him

  32. the clothing line was called brooklyn mint..get ya facts str8

  33. 9ZAE says:

    tell me homeboy doesn't sound like Michael Blackson

  34. i can't believe i sit and listened to this shit. …lmfao.. fuck JESUS fuck the bible fuck the devil none of that shit is true. ….u SOUND DUMB AS SHIT. ….AND DIDN'T TUPAC JUMP A NIGGA IN THE CASINO THAT NIGGA WAS ACTING DUMB TOO..THAT NIGGA DIDN'T CARE ABOUT NOBODY FUCKING LIFE BUT HIS OWN

  35. u sound dumb ass shit. ..please erase this whack shit

  36. I could of changed the world but the f.b.I and the government got so scared of me they took me out and started a east coast west war to make it look gang related one love Pac outlaw till the end of time rest in peace.

  37. Lee the boss says:

    Jurassic 5 biggie pac fatal kadafi johnny j NOT dead

  38. so you are Mexican you are still racist bitch becayse you added er at the in of nigga u want to be white

  39. biggie was tryin to be evil 6_6

  40. basically he not 2pac , hahaha

  41. amslim27 says:

    this nigger needs to shut the fuck up.

  42. they killed B.I.G because gay puffy only paid half of the million dollar hit on PAC ,, stop runnin your cock holster and talk facts be4you open your dick sucker – you dont even have a island accent thats just the man nut making your tounge stick to the roof of your mouth you MAN-FAN

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