The Real Story Behind Aliens Ufos Demons Illuminati & Satanism 2015 – 2016 – 2017 119 false flag


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  1. Every People believed the llluminati expect me cause I believe angels And Christians but +muck4doo your from HELL! >:(

  2. liat krief says:

    I don't understand why the American people are not taking back their country?

  3. Fimatic (GD) says:

    Every time that I watch videos of Geometry Dash demon levels this video comes up in my suggestions lmao
    On the topic of this video, though, idk why people are paranoid about things that have a 1% chance of existing

  4. Ok Someone ASKS about "Skull and Bones" and immediately get tasered and dragged off the Mic and out the building , that says a lot about this type of information. that's all i'll say. All these things are very dangerous to talk about.

  5. misdirection, divide and conquer.. wasting time on conspiracy.. there is life outside your room that matters most

  6. James Nash says:

    At 31:49 that douchebag "ex-99th degree" mason begins his trademark bullshitting that has earned him a great deal of success amongst the herds of frightened sheep. You can always tell it's Shnoeble (or however you spell it) who is speaking by the incredible number of factual errors peppering the lecture. The fact that he cannot get facts straight concerning the symbols, rites, allegories, and histories of the esoteric societies he claims to have not only joined, but ascended in, proves that he is nothing more than a charlatan, peddling fear, paranoia, superstition, and dangerous false accusations. The sad part is that the one subject that he doesn't screw up is the Masonic blue lodge degrees. This tells us that he really did take the three degrees to become a master mason, and may have even joined the rite of Memphis mizraim (which is a real, but rarely discussed and not officially recognized by the English grand lodge as a legitimate rite), and in doing so, he took sacred oaths to never profane his craft. So this is how a trustworthy man honors an oath? By making money and gaining notoriety slandering his brothers, twisting sublime allegories of light and love into fearful warnings of fear and darkness.

  7. Tony Midyett says:

    Lou Siffer was my high school gym teacher.

  8. There's obviously some 'higher control' but I don't think it's the Illuminati. It would have to be a collaboration of many organizations otherwise too much would be lost if their cover was blown. Just like you wouldn't invest all your money on one stock and hope for the best, you make a financial profile so that you at least still 'in the game'. Same applies with these 'secret jerk offs' that control our world.

  9. SkipSpotter says:

    Who's to say which dimension the 2½ weeks are spent in?

    Seriously, judging from the history, the power, and the very strange varied details that are spoken of this place, would it not be possible for those attending to spend the time escaping their human bodies and going home to their real reals

  10. ('they' cut out point 2->11 & 13->17 regarding Illuminati agenda, lol)

  11. Beautiful ladies & Handsome gentlemen! Hitler was a Rothschild while Putin is a crypto Jew just wanna spread the truth, cheers :)

  12. Somnus Muluc says:

    think of it like this guys, if there is an Illuminati, regardless of if you think they are good or evil, there is, in my opinion, a strong probability of there being another counter balancing force.

  13. Joe Simon says:

    Man was not created to rule over other men, this is God's job. It has been proven scientifically: when one is given authority over another, they will abuse that authority sooner or later to some extent. We only need to follow God's law and no other.

  14. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all my people everywhere !!!!!

  15. Brandon Toad says:

    The Republican party destroyed this country. Vote Bernie!

  16. Ukyo Sam says:

    America love Satan

  17. thug stami says:

    i'm alien and i like it

  18. IittleEvil says:

    Believe what you want to believe, the plan must be unfold.

  19. I believe that the illuminati is real!!!!!

  20. Shawn Seay says:

    at 1:01:20 of this video, you are not seeing outer space. this is the magnification of a microscope. deception of nasa, as all things of nasa.

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