The Rich Kids Of Instagram (Cutting the edge) Full documentary




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  1. Ledge A'Rino says:

    What a bunch of wankers

  2. 19:31 t.o.p gd posters it means he's not bad guy

  3. Ellaova says:

    how do these people sleep at night when they could free several families from poverty in 3rd world countries…for the price of a bag…. an ugly, insipid berkin no less!

  4. TheBarOst says:

    I can say the guy from Kazahstan speaks fluent English, which is a major component of the buisness world

  5. IOS2012 says:

    is it just me or that dimash dude with the porche trying to sound and act more manly and accomplished then he is lol it just looks so fake and unnatural lol dude posing like he achieved something in his life.Lol and the words of wisdom stuff people are motivated because they think he has achieved all this in life lol

  6. Nyana11 says:

    what a fake ,he says he is developing phone apps since 11 old. haha Iphone came out 2008 ! documentary made in 2014. yeah thats make 10 years for sure uahahah

  7. Thanks for Video! Good luck! Very funny!

  8. SpaceRaccoon says:

    Daily reminder that you were born in to a universe where kids are handed millions of dollars for nothing and do absolutely nothing with their life and SOMEHOW they deserve it. Also you will never be that well off. Deal with it because that's the only thing you can do.

  9. Vivienne Ong says:

    I just don't understand why there are so much hate about these people. Did they hurt you? Or you are just jealous? Look, their parents or grandparents made them that way. It's not their fault, they were born rich. I believe everyone have the right to live how they want and do what they want as long as they are not hurting anyone else.

  10. Troy Scott says:

    this was such a waste of my time smh

  11. World Club says:

    They need to go in Holocaust ! I ll like to be burner there 🙂
    Stupid Bitch like mother like dother and fucking boys like father like son !

  12. Mandana Jaff says:

    Omg the Nathaniel dude is a G-Dragon fan I am so not surprised

  13. Lana's mother really seems to understand the harm that social media does to today's youth. She's actually someone who has money that I wouldn't be constantly annoyed at every time they opened their mouth.

  14. pope400 says:

    If people only care when you're partying, what happens when you die? Ooooh. They forget your ass. Lol.

  15. Mary says:

    @ 4:42  How the hell does anyone "spend $20,000 a night" on booze??  Either he's buying drinks for the entire place or he's an alcoholic……

  16. TheChats02 says:

    I shop at Goodwill and love it!

  17. Sean Connery says:

    Justin bieber is still richer than these kids. I'm not impressed by pouring out good booze. Not my idea of fun, lol.

  18. Sean Connery says:

    I dunno man it seems like when people just obtain riches without any mentalor physical work or any positive attraction techniques. It's just pointless. So this kid instead of experiencing life is taking photo shoots? Men need to work, get out in the woods get dirty, drink, and have real fun. Fuck this shit. If i'm gonna be rich I'm gonna earn it myself and have fun doing it while helping others.

  19. Kimberly P says:

    I saw that poster of T.O.P at 19:35, kid's smarter than I gave him credit for

  20. connor poole says:

    I wanna stick every single one of those purses in a waffle press

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