The Road to World War 3 Documentary



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  1. Poodles rock says:

    Add Trump and stir well!

  2. BE PHUNG says:

    i know they want to make war and control the world that is why they have 911 ! !

  3. Janet Leslie says:

    When John McCain says free Syrian army, he means Issis, thank you Alex Jones, you tell it like it is

  4. Janet Leslie says:

    The US wanted to stir up the Middle East. Anyone who has checked all the facts on the towers know it was an inside job. For weeks before in the early hours of the morning shipments after shipment went into these buildings. They had nothing to do with business. Every thing to do with the explosions that many said happened. Can you really believe everyone who was to testify suddenly died?? Some by a convenient accident others by suicide.

  5. Janet Leslie says:

    I use to think Gaddafi a Baffoon, when he came to UN meetings he acted like one and no one stayed or listened to his speeches. It was not that he was stupid as news media always painted him. He just had no respect for the system. His love and respect for his country and others like Lybia was strong and he showed a strong desire to break away from the US control of oil. He was going to unite Lybia and others into a gold system, that's when they decided he had to go. The killing of Gyddafi was a murderous slaughter captured on film for everyone's enjoyment. That's how controlled a people we are. To accept this killing we have to be so blind. We are completely controlled

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