The Royals: Royal Family Secrets Exposed 2016


The Royal Family is up to more than you think. Sex-scandals, Nazis, Murder, Blood-Drinking and Cannibalism! The Queen took 10 children from the Kamloops …


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  1. Asjad Azeez says:

    Sir with due respect, are you still "alive" ? or ?????

  2. What a pile of shit, this makes the USA look stupid, historically incorrect – George the 7th lol

  3. Travis S says:

    Queen Elizabeth II's father was George VI, not George VII as mentioned about 23:45.

  4. You liar our Queen does not have that kind of power.  Swearing allegiance to HM is purely symbolic

  5. Stupid humans enjoying to be slaves, food for their beloved reptilian Queen.

  6. Danny Thomas says:

    why caunt she order all the frekin muslim filth out of uk

  7. softcollar says:

    Wow! I only watched the first three minutes, but I expect the rest was equally remarkable. I wonder if you include the fact that the Duke of Edinburgh is secretly a Satanist and that the palace advisors are secretly controlled by a conspiracy of Freemasons. At least, I am sure I read that somewhere on the internet, so it must be true.

  8. What utter bullshit.

  9. Diana was never pregnant .. this was a lie to manipulate the public. Read my book to see what I am talking about.

  10. Scott White says:

    Actually out of the 53 Commonwealth countries, The Queen is only Head of State of 16.

  11. sarah hardy says:

    How dare you publish this filth about my queen we are loyal subjects to the realm.LONG LIVE THE QUEEN

  12. frau (sp) Gotha lmao! love it!

  13. jondano 824 says:

    Such Trash!  Try to do something useful with your life………Data is ridiculously off base…

  14. rew3737 says:

    Groom of the pot….poor Diana!

  15. chicky1785 says:

    This so Family is EVIL .. Diana knew them . She called them Reptiles and Lizards . Diana should know what she saw !!
    They also KIDNAPPED Canadian Native Children . They were never seen Nor heard from eer again . The Only Living Witness was on his to Testify again these so royals . When Police found him . He had been Killed . Police think these so royals had him Killed .Meaning this Evil so called queen and this so called hubby of hers Philip . She is NO Queen nor is Philip a prince . They are Devils satan helpers on this Earth
    They Go To far in BRAKING LAWS !! They are Also Very Greedy and Money Hungry also for Power Over People ..
    The Lord says Those that want these Things . Got their Inheratence .. They Will FALL .!!

  16. Typical fucking Idiot. You know fuck all about Australia or Canada. She is a Figurehead… cocksucker.

  17. Jay Myers says:

    Check out my new documentary:
    Total Mind Control!

  18. Sharel Jones says:

    The end was funny AF LOL

  19. just give power back to the Crown. at least then plans for the nation wouldn't change every 4 fucking years when the new pm wants to put there own stamp on it ffs.

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