To all #pizzagate researchers…


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  1. Video not available.

  2. says:

    Bush and its government did 9/11 not the muslims.Osama bin Laden is a just a fiction and nothing more than that.

  3. Excellent video, but big freakin deal. They all lied, they continue to lie and guess what, nothing will be done about it because at the end of the day, as long as we have a cozy home and a tv to watch…well then things must not be that bad

  4. abeismain says:

    Bring out…the Barbarian!

  5. If you can't watch the video, try the original link : or watch it on computer and laptop, it should play.
    Regarding Israel and the the jews ; They have been manipulated by Satan and the illuminati who created modern zionism and Israhell (a copy of the original one) to even more deceive them. Jerusalem has to become the capital of the Illuminati New World Order to match the prophecies, then Satan's false messiah, the antichrist will proclams to be God himself there.

  6. el6919pa says:

    Isn't Lou Dobbs alive?

  7. Paul Gagnier says:

    Wizard of Oz, he can solve all your problems.

  8. Great reporting ty so much ! Really learned so much !

  9. Joe Citizen says:

    2017 … the year for correct anagrams.


  10. Mr Duck says:

    lol why kkk was there?

  11. Mikey Sanch says:

    TF 40 minutes to 43 he really said all that?

  12. CXC77 says:

    Jesus is the only solution to all this, so start developing a relationship with him.

  13. Soooo….Let the witch hunt now commence with astral projection targeting. This is the ONLY way to touch them and break the chain, for a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

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