The Satanist/Illuminati Serial Killer Connection!


WARNING: Disturbing Footage! As with most things in this world, when you peel back the layers the Beast System is revealed. Check out the interesting …


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  1. ChiefofTribe says:

    I was already getting a shaky vibe about this character, but after seeing Doc Marquis being featured on Oprah I'm even more suspicious of him.

  2. Thanks for making this compilation dude!

  3. Who made the music?

  4. I suggest you guys watch a great documentary called PROGRAMMED TO KILL SATANIC COVERUP. It's on YouTube. It goes into depth and exposes every serial killer and mass shootings that have happened. There is a common theme with all of these. The killers always say that they were part of a secret group of handlers

  5. I bet you don't know the half of it.  Check out…
    Illuminati Celebrity Satanism Exposed!! 2014 [Full Documentary].

  6. slackheadz says:

    What's the music that starts 15 secs in please?

  7. nwo onnotice says:

    Dude,Otis Toole is the scariest SOB ever!

  8. nikkinik24 says:

    Who's pic is that that flashes at the :07 mark?

  9. I can't stand this shit!! I seriously feel so angry and sad after watching this crap. I just wish Jesus would come back as soon as possible to wash these atrocities away!

  10. Lexi C says:

    Look at Oprah playing her part. It digusts me how all these politicians, celebrities, and athletes, media personalities and so on are such EXCELLENT actors. Then again, maybe it's the alter eye entity that resides in all of them that is so convincing.

  11. Eva E says:

    song anyone?? wats the band?? ty

  12. Infidel says:

    So is any of this cult stuff been proven ?

  13. 232323C says:

    13:21 they even add sound effects….lolol

  14. Barrie Tooke says:

    At the very end kemper says 'I'm not a lizard :/

  15. nexxus111 says:

    I don't know if it's been mentioned in the comments, but the man on Oprah appears to be Doc Marquis.  Look up his videos on YouTube.

  16. What Manson is talking about at around 6:30 in the video is Agenda 21. That gave me goosebumps. Agenda 21 is real. You can go to the United Nations website and read the documents, or search UN Agenda 21.

  17. What's the music at 8:49?

  18. you need to give credit to creators of this asap

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