The Saturn Agenda EXPOSED! (Illuminati Occult Worship)


Video designed to introduce to you and to encourage some great new up and coming channels. As always, my aim is to bring justice and truth into the world to as many people as possible and i hope by introducing you to these channels i am able to do that.

Original Version by Jared Haruyama:
(Video has been slightly edited but full credit goes to him.)

Other channels featured:

Red Pill Revolution:


Round SaturnsEye:

Please show your love and support for these guys! God bless.


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  1. The Zombie says:

    why is no one mentioning the bearded woman? And who the hell she is?

  2. You may very well be right that the cube represents saturn worship but not everything with a cube is proclaiming allegiance to the devil. Don't go over board.

  3. LionZion says:

    music is to loud

  4. Paul Stocks says:

    well I'm convinced

  5. Piss Taker says:

    Should i worship the cube?

  6. STAY STRONG says:

    ?I see that you created this video in 2014. but this information is timeless.?
    Pun intended :-).
    because…God is Everlasting he is timeless.

    Praise Him!
    Thanks again

  7. STAY STRONG says:

    I really really love this video. the music is a little bit loud. I'm not sure if you have a similar one with lower background music. Cuz that would be great. your explanations are so clear and I pray that we all get together with our videos to expose the reality of this world. And at the end of the day the core of it all is to reveal Jesus Christ because without him all this information would be worthless. thank you so much for your videos

  8. Jesus saves all you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain just believing in him. I will help you with this prayer. Heavenly father please forgive me for my sins and will you please bring your Holy Spirit In a dream and let you see is Jesus Christ really my savior. Please Lord forgive me if I have my doubts because I am merely a man and I just don't know these things, and instead bring me the truth. In Jesus name I pray amen.
    My name is Robert Sandera for President The most powerful write in candidate that has worked on a plan for over 12 years to repair the United States. Nobody else has nothing, abandoned these parties. They did this and they have no plan on fixing it.
    If my prayer is not perfect please don't criticize. I am well aware I am far from perfect and also have dyslexia. Often times I have to read things several times with the computer but I'm actually One of the best federal lawyers in the United States. I don't practice law for anybody else but myself because I hate lawyers. They are all crooks. 
    People there are devil worshiping cult people in our government that are suppressing the existence of God when they know there is a God And there is evidence all over this world of God and things that Jesus did. 
    Please don't be deceived and never accept any kind of RIF chip placed in your hand as it is the mark of the beast in the Bible it will be used to destroy you with God. 
    If you like to watch some college kids excellent movie they made well I'm not saying it's exactly true but it shows you part of the problem, go search YouTube for 
    Leap the rise of the beast. 
    They made this movie really cheap and The creator calls himself Eldirector. I am so happy to see young people inspiring to be on such a high creative level he made this movie for virtually hardly any money and regardless of what you think it is actually quite an accomplishment filmed entirely on the cannon digital camera. 
    Please love that I neighbor will die brother and sister we are all related. There was but one people before Babylon all of the same language and ethnic group. To allow yourself to be mislead and fall to a high level of hatred is nothing but pure evil and what the banker people want. They are trying to divide us to fight amongst ourselves, we need to unite before they start the next world war.

  9. I agree with you on most things you said here but the crucifixion of Messiah was prophesied as far back as Genesis and the name of God, the real name is the Hebrew tetragrammaton YHWH, which pictagraphically says Hand Behold Nail Behold… give the Creator a little credit here. It had to happen or we'd all be without hope.

  10. The Jas says:

    Interested however your audio is washed out by the music

  11. Monster Man says:

    Have a look at the ground zero memorial….yes another black cube, worship to the god Saturn…911 was a ritual sacrifice…please have a look and give me your take on it..

  12. The Critic says:

    I am not affiliated with any corp, Saturn worship is all myth there is nothing to fear.

  13. BedStuyBro says:

    Great video. But here is the hypocrisy in it. Satan IS the god of the old testament and is the father of Jesus. Here's the short version:
    JeSUS = Ye-Zeus or Zeus (zeus = deus = days = god)
    Zeus = Jupiter = Jove = Jahovia = Jesus = Thor = Thursday
    Zeus = Son of Cronos (time)
    Cronos = Saturn = Satan
    Which is why we worship on Saturday (day of the God Saturn) if you're Jewish or Seventh Day Adventist

    Now Saturn is NOT the Devil
    Saturn is Not Lucifer: The morning star is Venus (Ishtar / Isis)
    Saturn is not evil. HUMANS are evil. HUMANS kill, lie, rape, oppress, brainwash, steal, and destroy the planet.
    Yes, as long as we live we are bound to the third dimension. It is not your curse, it is your blessing!
    Live lovingly and your spirit will rest in love when you ascend.
    Love the world and all the creatures in it that your god has blessed you with.

  14. Bacchanalia says:

    I think sometimes people look into too deep. Here is an other x t f k

  15. hey man i really respect your freedom of expression but i think you should do a really deep searches about the kaaba before accussing the muslims of worshipping a satanic symbol

  16. 831striker says:

    go find out what Kabbalah then you won't be so dumbfounded about what's really going on.

  17. and the jesuits are the controlers of it all

  18. Why did u have to include R$E's content? He is a heretic who adds to scripture, exactly the opposite of wot the bible says. Neither add nor take from the word of YHWH. Peace

  19. Alpen Jodler says:

    I think Minecraft looks ugly
    Corinthians c11 v22… behold,Satan keeps transforming himself into an Angel of light….he appears to do good works

  20. Alpen Jodler says:

    In Astrology,the sign of Capricorn is ruled by Saturn… Capricorn is a Goat… Satan,the Devil,Pan are Goat like creatures…
    Venus is called the morning star… Lucifer is called the morning star(from Latin for light..Lux)
    Venus is on the Islamic flag…the crescent moon comes from Hinduism…the deity known as Shiva wears a crescent moon in his hair

  21. Alpen Jodler says:

    The Kaaba in Mecca…. brainwashing idol worship on a huge scale….

  22. Che Tafoya says:

    Please listen: 13. 1+3=4. 13-9=4. 13+9=22 (4). 22+9=31. 31+9=40. 40+9=49 (13&4). They worship a 40' owl during the cremation of care ritual. There are hidden blood lines in numbers. 94+9=103 (13&4). 94+49=143 (13&4). 143÷3= 47.666.
    4 (13). 2 (11).

  23. Che Tafoya says:

    Vesica Pisces. V(22)=4 , P (16)=7. Beast = 47.

  24. Jah left says:

    we must start sayn the MOST HI …

  25. Sappy Lam says:

    Christians originally used scarves to show they were married.  This is why ChristianNuns cover their heads and why Muslims  ( Mohammed stole and turned backwards the Bible for their own personal gain) wears Hijabs after being married, using them as a way to oppress their women. Other religion's that came later, some pagan, and some Hindu also cover their heads with scarfs. It was custom in Rome to wear rings, because they showed never ending, or infinity amount of love. The Bible doesn't say to exchange rings anywhere. The book of James warns that those who wear such jewelry in church should not be favored and respected more than those who do not (James 2:1 – 4).I have noticed a lot of kids that play Mnecraft are Satanist.

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