The Scary TRUTH About Donald Trump (Donald Trump illuminati Deception Exposed Full Documentary)


Make No Mistake! I Will Not Compromise. I Will Not Comply. I Will Not Submit. I Will Not Break. I Will Not Roll Over. I Will Not Sit Down. I Will Not Shut Up. I Will …


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  1. Mr Trump meet Mr Crowleythou art a fool to be like unto Nicodemus the proselytethis fellow here would kindly hand Jesus over to that Satan of PontiUs piLAtethis beit him and his ego to mocketh the common dweller and bottom feederas the meek are beggars and kings to reign themselves exalted in the shear madness of ignoranceas it were the eyes must stray from the lies and beit ye man to kindle the spectrum of the prism of consciousnessno man is better than the otherand no fight is worth flight as it were an enemy of my enemy of my friend but yet even friends would rather sleep as to not pray with Christ at Gethsemane, as it were would the angel Chamuel of the Gevurah to intercede and spareth Him from the act of dyingto be the reins of the palest horse unto Death to claimeth His place as the Son of GOD to raiseth up like the Archangel of Michael to see the heavens open with the divine Gnosis and revelation of the LORD THY GOD!

  2. Donald Trump is a business man that cares only about gain and commited fraud on a whole school of college students not too along ago and all of a sudden he says he wants to save the country and the American people believe him? So helpless these Americans have become. The sons of immigrants who think themselves American fall for it too. So stupid. Be ready for the worst. Things will go bad to its full potential when the country's people is too weak and pathetic to do anything of actual worth. They don't even know where they're standing. Ask our Father for protection and his wisdom, we'll definitely need it.

  3. hes not made mistakes lol… we all make them even the most devoted Christians do. For a start if he was a Christian he wouldnt have all that money. i dnt believe any Christian would be allowed to have so much or even want so much in this world thats ruled by satans workers of darkness. Most Christians that have billions of dollars are probably frauds!!

  4. Jasmine D. says:

    do a video on Kat Kerr! I want to know your opinion of her testimonies

  5. Very interesting! If this is true and it certainly appears that way. The shit will hit the fucking fan.

  6. freemasons… I thank GOD I'm not freemason, and my Living GOD Jesus runs us all! The masons came at my in highschool and my Lord Jesus protected me as HE always does. two teachers, and I told them, "what's the big secret?" and I had a natural adversion to it. Basically if you're not got in the crib you'll never be one, they just wanted to snare another to kill, and this happened before I knew they worshipped satan.

  7. When my Lord comes they will panic and faint, they will be knocked so low so hard, and they will seek death and it will elude them until it is poured out unto them by the one who treads the winepress of GOD's wrath JESUS of Nazareth! Come my LIVING LORD JESUS!

  8. I'm careful not to judge anyone, because they got a mason above the president who runs the president. Americans claim to be free when they have made themselves slaves of their brothers and sin. They can not hurt my Lord or HIS angels. They will soil themselves.

  9. Trump Duck What more…

  10. He not going anywhere.

  11. "masons run the country." that line is a joke, and I exposed their incestual crib raping yet no harm. Because I boast in my shealter and LIVING Jealous GOD JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth!

  12. donald trump is doing nothing but trolling this country

  13. Ryan Herald says:

    He may be going against them. The Illuminati is fake though.

  14. Your Wrong About Trump!!!

  15. look back when i forgot the year donald the troll said he was democrate but would run as republican to show how stupid republicans are. he is trolling

  16. PrayWill says:

    GOD N GUNS!!

  17. same attracts the same. whoever "wins" will be just a reflection of people that "leader" represents……meaning, nothing will change.

  18. "power of positive thinking is new age deception"??????????????????????????????????
    the nuttery of religious scam doesn't have limit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    of course we "have" to think negative so church could "save" us from us.

  19. Another President/Same shit

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