The Scary TRUTH About School (illuminati Public School Exposed Full Documentary: Indoctrination)


Note.. This is my backup channel. As most of you already know, I have been under attack from YouTube for many months now and have come close to losing my …


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  1. ACM1PT says:

    How about we just let everybody say whatever they believe in as long as we all respect each other? They can have muslim prayers, recite the pledge of allegiance in Arabic, but Jesus is banned? All this "PC" bullcrap is only Antichrist.

  2. Jay Pv says:

    That Rockefeller dude didn't even look human

  3. cgmmw says:

    Mind blown. Thank you for making this video. Not enough views. Should be in the millions.

  4. 10:22 Terrorist or Tourist ?

  5. I hope that you continue to report things like this. I pray that outside influence stays out of your reports.  So many platforms seem to get tainted when I proclaim an interest. The things you report on are not the popular point of view and that's how you know it's truth. thank you for your work

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