The Scary TRUTH About World War 3 (2017 illuminati plan & predictions – Russia Or Islam)


Make No Mistake! I Will Not Compromise. I Will Not Comply. I Will Not Submit. I Will Not Break. I Will Not Roll Over. I Will Not Sit Down. I Will Not Shut Up. I Will …


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  1. Corey Jahn says:

    Professor Van Heith is a 7 th day Adventist thank you guys fir telling me who it was speaking but now that I m aware he is Adventist I will steal clear
    I can make no judgement of a mans salvation so I am not doing that of and for 7 th days but let me say they have been deceitful too me in the past sending information and not acknowledging right away they are from Adventist background. Their doctrines do not hold up to truth
    Much love to all
    Praise the Lord King Jesus Christ may He return before the next video ever gets made ;)

  2. Just want to say Thank You for sharing your hard work with us! I greatly appreciate it, and continue to pray that God blesses and protects you, and others like you who share the truth all of us.

  3. Lol advanced warfare Jonathan irons speech

  4. I can't wait for a one world order!!!
    Jesus will rule with a rod of iron for a thousand years from Israel. Can't wait

  5. SilentBruda says:

    Impressiv ! greetings from Germany … peace out

  6. Milky Rips says:

    obviously this guy is a call of duty fan

  7. Michael Carr says:

    How about giving us the option of canceling these freakin commercials after 5 seconds?

  8. Be not overcome by evil but overcome evil by good Romans chapter 12 v 21 do not fear my beloved brothers and sisters find peace in Christ he will return soon and all the wicked will burn for there evil crimes

  9. Wally Javier says:

    Jesus christ is coming soon. Everybody please be ready. God bless you guys

  10. Rhodedude says:

    That's cool u used the call of duty theme for he background

  11. wow just wow. this is one of the best videos ive seen ever. may God bless you and everyone here.

  12. shutter1031 says:

    can somebody please tell me what color jesus is

  13. Debra Diaz says:

    great video!! Amen! eye opening!

  14. Jake Fields says:

    Things are going to be so far worse and terrible then any human on this Planet could ever imagine. Embrace your loved ones and cherish them while you still can and rely on the Lord Jesus, Humanity's Savior to deliver you and your Family from the Evil that is about to consume this planet like we have never seen before. If you are lost with yourself and Soul repent to Jesus and Accept him as your Savior. He is the only way, the Truth and the Light. God be with you all and God Help Us, Amen.

  15. Rob Jones says:

    New narrator is hard to understand. Voice is too low.

  16. Vatican signed the treaty with orthodox last mouth wake up hegal dialect

  17. one of your best videos! thank you and god bless.

  18. Ben Davis says:

    christ is not white dang

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