The Secret Relations Between Disney Movie Princesses [Documentary]


Shocking Hidden Connections Between Disney Film Princesses! Subscribe to our channel : Check Out These Other Amazing Videos: …


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  1. Chad Beardy says:

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  2. the ship sunk but they were able to escape so they had Tarzan

  3. mind blown !《☆》

  4. the parents were going to Rapunzel wedding

  5. No no no Tarzan is Elsas brother

  6. Prince navin is so funny

  7. What if Elsa and Anna Mom and dad had went to sleeping beauty and princess in the frog wedding

  8. I love these theories lol
    It makes me wonder if they're all connected. 🙂
    But the one thing that gets me is that.. If the King and Queen were headed to Rapunzel's wedding.. why was she still her same 18 self during Elsa's coronation?

  9. I got one question about elsa I think keep thinking about this how did elsa got snow powers

  10. Alice Murphy says:

    is it just me or dose the famous golden star in rapuzel look alot like the falling shandeler in frozen 44 seconds in to the video maybe thats why there related ???

  11. I can see it a new Disney movie called The Reunion YEEAA??

  12. Elsa and Annad mother wasn't pregnant when she left so Tarzan vant be relayed

  13. I like the other guy better

  14. woahhhh! I never thought about that all I saw was Rapunzel and Flinn

  15. Kaynat Pal says:

    this gave me conspiracy headache

  16. moral of the story: disney can do whatever the hell the want.

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