The Slender Man Documentary



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  1. Wow, sooo very real!! I mean really guys. How bored do you have to be to make a whole documentary about such crap!!??

  2. hjayda says:

    Sometimes to much info. Can kill it unless its to a person easily convinced 

  3. Slender man is fake

  4. Slender Man says:

    He seems like a sensible nice guy I'd give him a chance.

  5. Penny says:

    Cite your source?

  6. 8:09 that was jay recording

  7. michelle low says:

    what is the song that plays?

  8. Ally Perkins says:


  9. Jose Laguna says:

    I don't believed this make if it is real

  10. Damn I want to say this is fake, but the proof is too much. Thats right people.


  11. Where is this music from?

  12. Lego guy says:


  13. I have a big fear of slender man but this is only funny

  14. Everyone knows it is a myth but even though god made the world even he makes mistakes its life just like mermaids or bigfoot or aliens


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  16. Yes this is scary and intresting but it is fake the pictures where easily photochoped videos where people dressed up and video recordings were really bad and stupid and the hews paper was probly fake too

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