The Stock Market Crash Of August 8th 2011



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  1. neutrino422 says:

    @reddragonleo me too. in the seven plus months that i have known about all of this, i have become a quieter person because this is now a major part of my life and i have no one around me to share it with. i tried in the beginning, but as you know even a watered down version of the truth can get you accused of witchcraft and hung. I just can't wait until the day when I don't have to work in secrecy.

  2. @neutrino422 Well, my friends and family think I'm nuts… even with 4,000 year of history proving that the Reptilians exist. So, I just tell the world with these video's and hope I wake up enough people to save the planet from total destruction. Make sure you watch the video on my blog post by Inelia Benz, as it will keep your spirits high. Personally, I would love to met all the people that I've help to wake up one day. Maybe I can't do it in this world, I'm sure I'll do it in the next.

  3. @reddragonleo He who tries to save his life will lose it, while he who loses his life for the Lord will keep it. 🙂

  4. Bernake, please print $50 trillion more dollars please.

    Speed this shit up already.

  5. @MurderByFluoride I'm not informed of Enlil… please inform me. red (at) reddragonleo (dot) com

  6. @MurderByFluoride Sorry, yes… the bastards rape young children before they sacrifice them in their satanist rituals.

  7. @StanwoodSpartans LOL… don't worry, they will make this crash very fast!

  8. @hsparmar94 Huh? I never said the downgrade would make a difference. That's just the distraction for the sheep. The market will crash…. not go up.

  9. @eclecticshaman Do you have a link to learn more?

  10. @reddragonleo LOL believe what you want and I'll believe what I want!!! I'll be fine, and as they say pride comes before the fall!

  11. TyleReynolds says:

    @StanwoodSpartans Your joking right?

  12. SgtPeppers says:

    @hsparmar94 Before you call someone an idiot, learn to spell 'you'.

  13. bamnibaum says:

    Every time the market spikes either way folks like this guy say it's the end. What one who has invested needs to do is hold tight. Wait it out. Don't listen to people who talk about illuminati, lizard people or ufos. They have nothing to do with the way the market behaves. Right now people are running on their emotions. Stick with what you have, hang on be patient. This might be a time to be a buying into the market, you'll get great deals. The market will stabilize, it will climb,gain. Wait!

  14. bilal ahmed says:

    Hello Reddragon, If u read translated Qur-an u will find that all ur theory n hate is close to reality… Just read it n tell me wat u think, these devil people r trying to iliminate islam from verry verry long time for a reason

    Knowledge is power so just read it n let me knw what u think…..

  15. fthis1234567 says:

    i blame blonde haired blue eyed people for this…lol.

  16. bebengry says:

    Remember Wantagate/Reagan/ruble? Chris Story tried to warn people. He wasn't perfect, but he did try and inform us. Now it's our turn. Same people doing their thing. They want those pension funds. Who's going to buy our bonds(debt)? Answer–the American people. We don't owe it, but the Sheeple will allow it. Those pension fund managers will be given the order to help in the bail out or face the fiddler. They will shake in their boots and give in to the BEAST.

  17. Finally, I cannot wait for more.
    Robert Lichota, Robert Lichota

  18. MCrushala says:

    The fed intervened. what now?

  19. yipcarl says:

    The market will do whatever the powers that be want it to do. Just because the market should be waaaay under 10k doesn't mean it's going there. It's utterly and totally controlled. .

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