The Story of Warcraft – Full Version [Lore]


Warcraft has a pretty damn big story behind it and in this video I’m going to tell you the global story from start to finish. See this as a beginners guide to lore and if …


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  1. the currsor says:

    so this video is suppose to tell the full story of wow except for the newer expansions?

  2. Those subtitles made it extremely difficult to follow along..

  3. Will Sumner says:

    Jesus, the subtitles did more harm than good.

  4. Ephajim says:

    Rewatching all your lore videos because i quit for a year and need to up my lore gains for Legion. Thanks for this.

  5. I am still watching or "re-watching" your videos…and i never thanked you for your great work …so -> Thank you very much ;)

  6. Now I know when the movies takes place

  7. uh nobbel you said that anduin lead then his father Varian took over. uhm bud That was Anduin Lothar that was before Varian and lothar was a friend of Llane (varians father) …. some time later Varian named his son after Anduin Lothar

  8. I just saw the movie World Of Warcraft(great movie, well done) and I wanted to know more about the game. So I watched this video. This video helped me understand more about the basic themes and plot.. It also gave me insight as to the nature of the players extreme obsessions with this game..

  9. Nopiw says:

    I don't understand why you have to scream the beginning of every sentence.

  10. The movie was quite different.

  11. RSProduxx says:

    but what i still don´t get is the story of the Night Elves and the Emerald Dream… i think to remember that they disappeared for a long while and returned around the initial launch of WoW? what exactly happened?
    other than that, nice summery, Nobbel :)

  12. but i ask myself, when Durotan and Draka didn't drink Mannoroth's Blood then why is Thrall a Greenskin?

  13. I recommend viewing this video 2 times. Once without subtitles so you can learn, and once with subtitles to laugh your ass off seeing how bad they are hahaha

  14. 4rea85 says:

    Thank you for providing such detailed information, both in this video and your play list as noted above. I've been away from Warcraft so long, however after watching the movie, it renewed my love for it and has allowed me to come back to it after being away for so many years. Your video(s) refreshed my memory on lore, stories and many other things. It even got my girlfriend to better understand Warcraft and she's going to start playing WoW with me.

    Keep up the great work and thanks again for helping me (along with the movie) find my love for Warcraft again :)

  15. Mae Mae says:

    I couldn't understand some of the stuff he was saying because of his voice inflection and accent. Where is Morgan Freeman when you need him?

  16. Rektum 801 says:

    Put the closed captions on for this video. You will laugh your ass off. Nice try Youtube.

  17. It sounds like you're explaining with such enthusiasm which really makes it interesting to watch. thank you for the hard work :)

  18. Jinqiu Liu says:

    Can someone explain to me what's the difference, and/or what made the difference, of the red skin vs the green skin orcs?

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