The Suppressed 1974 Mexican UFO Crash


This show appears to be like into the 1974 UFO crash incident in Coyame, Chihuahua, Mexico, in which the retrieval of crash substance was subsequently suppressed by Mexican authorities.

The Coyame UFO incident was a reported mid-air collision in between a UFO and a compact plane mentioned to have taken spot on August 25, 1974 in close proximity to the city of Coyame, Chihuahua, close to the U.S.-Mexico border. Some conspiracy theorists believe that the UFO was retrieved by a United States government quick reaction workforce assembled by military services and intelligence businesses.

On 24 August 1974, a U.S. air defense radar detected an unidentified object in the Gulf of Mexico, traveling at some 4,000 km/hr and headed in the direction of Corpus Christi, Texas. Out of the blue the object modified direction and headed in the direction of Coyame, Chihuahua, Mexico. At around the very same time a compact plane took off from El Paso, Texas, headed in the direction of Mexico Town. The U.S. radar detected equally, the UFO and the compact aircraft, and monitored equally for a though right until their indicators disappered simultaneously and at the very same locale over Mexico.

The Mexican government sent a workforce to recover the compact aircraft and its passengers, though the U.S. ongoing to observe the situation. The U.S. military services supplied its restoration experience to the Mexican government, but the Mexican government declined. At the U.S. military services radar air base, four Huey helicopters have been readied up as properly as a fifteen-male restoration workforce to head to Coyame, Mexico. The group entered Mexico surreptitiously just after intercepting a Mexican radio communication offering absent the locale of the crash site.

Upon their arrival to the crash locale in Mexico, the American group arrived across a weird metallic object in the form of a disk and exhibiting what appeared to be frontal impression and apparent wreckage, jointly with the burned continues to be of the compact aircraft, a Cessna a hundred and eighty. A brief length from the wreckage was also an Olive environmentally friendly Jeep belonging to the Mexican military services and that contains the bodies of four Mexican troopers. Their bodies exhibited symptoms of death by asphyxiation. They have been also in possession of their firearms, but confirmed no proof of attempting to use them. A single of the American Huey helicopters picked up the UFO and carried it some fifteen kilometers, in which an American convoy awaited to get it via rail to the Wright-Patterson Air Pressure Base.

The whereabouts of the UFO are, to this working day, unidentified. As for the useless Mexican troopers, the Mexican military services denies that such incident at any time took spot. This, inspite of the overpowering proof offered in Mexican radial studies of the time and available at the standard archives of radio communications of the Mexican military services. The names and ranks of the Mexican troopers are, to this working day, officially denied by the Mexican government as properly.


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  1. Danger Wil says:

    The UFO should of had Tesla tech! Makes you think that they can travel millions of miles in space at unimaginable speeds but aren't advanced enough to fit technology we have in Tesla vehicle's? Makes me think this story is utter bullshit!

  2. that is not a ufo in the thumbnail, that is a B-2 stealth bomber. You can tell because of 1, the hump of where the cockpit it as well as the glass from the cockpit, and 2, the air intakes to the left and right of the cockpit

  3. united states the takes california arizona and texas from mexico the can't take UFO from mexico ?? .. go back sleep ..

  4. From 1984 to 1989 I served in the Army at Ft. (ignorance is) Bliss, TX, ostensibly as a 16T10 (Patriot missile crew member) with Charlie battery of the 1/43 ADA (Air Defense Artillery, aka Another Different Army), but in reality I was a member of the South Western division of C.R.A.S.H. (Critical Recovery of Alien Ships and Hardware). Naturally, we were all sworn to secrecy, on pain of death, but I think it's time the public should know the truth, and

  5. Ty Clark says:

    You folks have no idea what's taken place during the dead of night. Get yourself some high quality night vision goggle 3rd gen +, an your take on the planet will suddenly change. US military an many allies have been at war with alien craft retrieval an its entities. It may take you many long nights, drive out onto a ridge an observe the night sky. Most pilots will Not disclose information, an if they do their lives n families are in great danger.

  6. Alien Virus kill the mexican soldiers….. LOL my ass !!!!

  7. Lee Moe says:

    Did anybody notice the very clear and obvious lying face of the skeptic man at 14:42 while denying the UFO sighting? This is specially clean right in the last moment after his last word. I know a liar when I see one.

  8. Lee Moe says:

    The fact that those UFOs in 1991 gathered from every corner of the city when people were expecting an eclipse shows that the UFOs might have wanted to be noticed and their videos/pictures to be taken. But it also might have been that they were curious about human reaction to rare astronomical phenomena.

  9. poppy achom says:

    why this mostly happens only in mexico???

  10. This is a top secret US military project.

  11. Science has constructed a mindset every bit as dogmatic and repressive as the Catholic Church… and other rabid offshoots of that pernicious religion.

    If sophisticated artifacts are found in layers of rock millions of years old then it is clear people of that era were at least as advanced as us. If aliens exist then aliens exist… big deal. If dinosaurs coexisted with humans and still exist in jungles… another big deal.

    We are adult enough to accept whatever reality is. I don't see the problem with that… but then I am not a brainwashed Christian or arrogant scientist… just an average guy who sees no point in denial or half assed beliefs.

  12. Pfirtzer says:

    Knowing how Americans like to invade other countries when they find somthing worth stealing they won't hesitate to kill anything or everything that is moving or is a witness to a crime. We all know what happened to the Mexican soldiers.Americans are just scum of the earth, it were thieves, killers and scum that sailed in 1500 or so from Europe, the lowest of the lowest entered the Americas

  13. there are claims to a lot of UFO crashes. Murphys Law. But id say about 99.99 if not 100 percent of ufo "crashes" (not E.T.) are fiction. I dont consider myself of high intelligence but i can roughly conceive the intelligence required for interplanetary space travel across 1,100s,1000s,100,000s,1,000,000s,1,000,000,000s of light years and i highly doubt intelligence of that magnitude, acknowledging every component of earth down to an atomic level, journeys to earth and then crashes. LMFAO. that shit is hilarious. I mean unless we are the shoulder of some interplanetary highway where accidents happen and faulty components break down and to which we have no notion exists, thats a lot of ufo crashes and a truly caveman intelligence of interplanetary travelers. That would be a paradox. In reality we are probably the caveman testing advanced aircraft we designed but havent worked out the kinks. when it crashes, we kill and retrieve our tech. If you arent going to give it back, we will have to take it back. I mean come on, just because its doesnt have 100 ft fuselage and 2 engines resting on each wing , you call it an E.T. controlled craft? No scientist or engineer in their right mind is going to be content with a bulky hunk of metal flying in the sky and call it a day for mankind. ESPECIALLY with the advancement of technology. They will continue to experiment and develop. I mean that was 1974, its 2017, the shit they have now would make you shit your pants, not grab your camera. Just food for thought. Another thing, if I was one of the engineers behind a man made advanced aero craft that slipped into public view and was deemed an alien E.T. controlled craft , id be HIGHLY offended of mankind crediting an otherworldy entity of my work. Give our parasitic species some credit every now and then huh? LATER BITCHES.

  14. exsxpx1 says:

    maybe it was U.S. aircraft all along and they killed the mexican troops trying to retrieve it.

  15. moe roy says:

    balloons….that's all !

  16. Knight Rider says:

    Our alien GPS avoided planets, star systems and the trade federation. .. clones etc… the knights of ren…

    but not a small human built plane.

    Its flat folks! !!!

  17. Allegedly a UFO crash-lands in your country.. and you arrive on the scene only to perish and have it taken from you. Tighten your shit up, Mexico.

  18. Bluejay163 says:

    The UFO was taken into area 51

  19. Ana Brady says:

    now will trump tell us the truth?

  20. arm mel says:

    More made up shit to fill empty minds, only takes a couple minutes to know this is BS, enjoy the rest of the crap show! ??

  21. This is all sci-fi entertainment and there is no truth to any of it.

  22. Dave Ward says:

    That tech belongs in the hands of those most able to unlock its secrets. It is no secret that whites and Asians have the highest average IQs on the planet.

  23. John Janey says:

    The ufo is from planet zing 25 light years away. They look for it to ,but the us beat them to it.

  24. Bob Basher says:

    good for the Mexican Military working with UFO newsman.

  25. you mean professional experts you say, didn't see nothing, That's because they would loose the us government Grants , if they did tell the Truth…. Remember George Carlin's First rule of life is don't believe Nothing the US government says.

  26. Rayn Dad says:

    Believers won't accept any other explanation but ETs;
    skeptics will accept any other explanation but ETs.

  27. aliens vs aliens the movie.

  28. this people dont know where is chiwawa

  29. i hope mexico unites with china, or other countries.

  30. brad pitt says:

    i bet the americans killed the mexc

  31. Hector Keezy says:

    8:30 Officials greenlights the "rescue" team. No! What happens is more likely this : Mexico won't accept our "help", so let's just steal it. A few dead beaners, is an acceptable cost. And convieniantly, no one will be left, to tell the story.
    34:30 I'ts sad how the sceptics are just as fanatically religious in their denial, as the dreamers and true believers,are gulluble in theirs.
    I mean; if you cannot keep an open mind, you will never learn anything.

  32. rodeo o says:

    no wonder they call mexicans illegals aliens,,,,lol

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