The Swiss Family Robinson 1.The Arrival.


Canadian Series. 1974.

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John Mills, Dorothy McGuire Produced by Walt Disney December 21, 1960.

Hi! Here is an industry trailer with clips from Cloud 9’s series The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson starring Richard Thomas.


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  1. H.L.B. says:

    FYI….Your episode list is numbered out of sequence, which can be confusing (like suddenly, there's a dog on the show…where did he come from) and other out of order episodes. The Wikipedia entry for this program lists the episodes in the correct viewing order for those who are interested. Will make some episodes make more sense to you. Anyways, thanks for posting the program.

  2. H.L.B. says:

    Chris Wiggins….also remembered from FRIDAY THE 13th, tv series as the character, Jack Marshack.

  3. Such dear memories. Loved this as a kid and love it as an adult!

  4. Kat MacKay says:

    Thank-you so much for posting this series. I have been searching for it for so long, but when you Google it nothing comes up. I stumbled across it while watching the 90's version. I feel like a little kid again watching this show. I remember it well from my childhood. I knew finding it would make me feel nostalgic. Every Saturday this would come on in the afternoon. Again I thank you for bring my childhood memories to life. I never thought I'd ever see this show again. Cheers!

  5. This one was the characters from boys:Francis,Jack,Ernest, and Fritz.

  6. Filia Rheni says:

    I remember one episode with Marie getting a fever due to a tarantel. Before I take the time to watch all the videos, does anyone know which episode it was, because I am very impatient?

  7. Filia Rheni says:

    I loved this series, thank you so much for posting this here!

  8. saucy3101 says:

    I love this one quote I always remember from the Captain who could not take them with him…. "if my chart was not am already destined one I would gladly change places tomorrow". Thank you for taking me home. x

  9. Good evening , I like the srie the swiss Family Robinson I saw forty years ago abut teen years old and remember other serie the angeles of Charly I saw seven years old I walk to near the t.v and saw the motion Kate Jackson use the hat and show the clothes and I like the intro and severals programas I were loo thanks a lot for this video I like it ,salutes cielo20200 22 de mayo del 2016

  10. Wolffen51 says:

    thank you for posting this…i always loved watching this show while i was growing up…i always wanted to know what happened to Heather Graham who played Marie…

  11. Me gustaria poder verla en español hace años la vi en español t es super buenísima la the swiss family Robinson si Steven encuentra en español ono

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