The Templar Code


For nearly two centuries, the Knights Templar was the most powerful order in the medieval world. Today, the group’s legacy is played out in an array of …


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  1. they forgot that the templars had undergrounds city's so the templars never did go away they actually stopped army,s attacking poorer places and defended villages from looters while most of them were in the underground city,s

  2. bullshit go see genghis khan and you will see these templer or whatever they called themselves running like dogs from mogul khans army !! shitheads on a big horse called templar s running like a horse.

  3. who is the best and the sane and humane most powerful individual , king , politician, prime minister, queen, or our hero like community hero who is it ??

  4. shitttheads you areb srxvnk :>

  5. FUCCKKKKK OOFFFF!!11111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. BASTARDAS OR HARRAMMZAADDEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK OFF

  7. Scotland being Scotland, Not giving a f*ck.

  8. dialingdust says:

    why can't any of these documentaries have better than 240-360p. pretty hard to watch when the resolution looks like shit.

  9. Who cares about these losers. They collaborated with the Muslims and got clobbered by Salahaddin.

  10. Alec Gomez says:

    no I just don't give a s*** no further comments.

  11. illhorse says:

    really enjoyed this documentary, thanks for uploading.

  12. cmiranda66 says:

    This is total rubbish. Entertaining but rubbish fantasy. They have no clue what were monks and religious orders in the middle age. They have no clue what was the middle age at all. Actually you don't see any academic scholar or archaeologist talking here, just some fantasy novel writers.
    Regular and secular Orders of monks and priests owed vast territories, these territories were out of jurisdiction of the states and they had to be defended, not only against Muslims, but also against local lords and knights with ambitions. So monks and priests have always engaged in warfare throughout the middle age. In particular in lower middle age, while European States were still shaping and public administration was still weak. Obviously as States shaped themselves and civil order toke place, monks and priests progressively gave up military tasks. So this kind of warfare engaged by monks did not start with Knights Templar. Actually there were many orders contemporaneous and with similar characteristics of the Knights Templar: the Order of Saint John, the Order of Saint James, the Teutonic Order, and many more. The Knights Templar just became more famous because of two reasons: They reconquered Jerusalém, and many European Kings entered the Order which gave it special visibility.
    Another big erroneous historical assumption made here is the reasons why the Knights Templar Order was so rich. If Monastic Orders had alot of money, and many rich Orders were extremely rich without ever engaging in warfare, is simply because rich nobel lords donated huge lands and money for their sons and daughters to enter a monastery. The fist son of a King, a Duke, or a Count would usually inherit land and titles from his father, the second son would usually enter a religious Order and he would be accepted if the father would make a big donation to that Order. The Knights Templar were no different from other Orders.

  13. there is saying FOLLOW THE MONEY xD …i would say considering the banking jobs and other huge wealth of the Templar knights all so the absolute huge amounts of debt the king Phillip owe to the Templar knights that THIS is the reason of their downfall. Nothing misterious there…except there is a tale from French revolution witch i read once and it goes …when the King LouisXVI was beheaded on the guillotine some man picked up hes head and screamed out loud "this is for Jacques De Molay!!!" this happened 400 yrs after the pope Clemence and king Phillip were already killed.those Templar dudes got some long distance revenge plans and i reckon their influence and impact on European history ain't finished even yet, ON THE OTHER SIDE… OH WHAT A JOY IF ONLY WE WOULD FOLLOW THE EXAMPLE OF THE KING PHILLIP AND TAKE OUR BANKSTERS DOWN, LIKE HE DID TO THE TEMPLAR'S. I APOLOGIZE 4 MY BAD ENGLISH

  14. ESELUCKY Gee says:

    Templar Knights baby God's army

  15. Marcos Ramos says:

    I thought templars were fake and just made up for assassins creed

  16. Zahid Shah says:

    salah uddin and his saracens dealt with the templars via sunni doctrine the assasins dealt with the templars via shia doctrine even the true christians and jews hated the templars so fuck are they holy warriors-the turks eventually destroyed their code and then they migrated to scotland and became the illuminatee freemasons!

  17. Is this a documentary or a History Channel "documentary"?

  18. erik barney says:

    Altair Ibn-La'Ahad> Robert De Sable
    Ezio > The Borgias
    Ratonhnhaketon > Charles Lee
    Edward Kenway > Laureano Torres
    Arno Dorian > Francois-Thomas Germain
    Jacob/Evie Frye > Crawford Starrick

    Fuck Shay

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