The Terminator & Terminator: Genisys – scene comparisons


Comparison between similar scenes on Terminator (1984) and Terminator Genisys (2015).


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  1. dvdmethod says:

    They did a pretty good job. A lot of these scenes were pretty close. Movie was terrible, but they tried. lol.

  2. DG Nantes says:

    everything turns big in genisys,from arnolds double to the building behind him,to punks to kyle reese

  3. The money they would have saved on reshooting and CGI the Terminator's arrival scene probably would have been more than to use the same, original, footage up to a certain frame point and just pay the actors (estate on the truck driver) to reuse their scenes. Then you could have a young Arnold and Bill Paxton, Brian Johnson, Bill Rearden and also Chino "Fats" Williams jumping out of the truck. Then thru the power of editing add the CGI Arnold for the 30 second fight. I guarantee they would have saved a couple million alone just in doing that.

  4. cordawg17 says:

    Original Terminator had better acting.

  5. god, the acting in Genesis is soooo much worse. the punks look much more friendlyl, the bum looks like a random guy in a wig

  6. venom400 says:

    the unnecessary censorship of the nude parts kinda takes away the raw feel of the original movie,

  7. Собака сыграла лучше всех!

  8. Animebrother says:

    the first kyle reese was better

  9. It should be titled: Good acting(1984) vs bad acting(2015),scene comparison.

  10. Arduex2020 says:

    the colors of movies back then were more brighter or a days the tv shows and movies are more "darkened" or "dulled down" for lack of better words ,and this side by side comparison is a perfect example…notice how the garbage truck is bright yellow and in the "new" terminator the yellow and every shot and detail is dulled down through out the whole movie and every other modern movie…i know this is done intentionally but why???

  11. NikKast1981 says:

    They should have had reused the SAME scene up to the point Arnold comes and intercepts the new Terminator…..Would had saved them time, money and trouble.

  12. Ican FeeLIt says:

    fix the stero it fucked my brain up

  13. Joe BLo says:

    They did a great job recreating the scenes, but in the end it just made me want to watch the originals

  14. no arnold bottoms in Genisys

  15. awsom black says:

    Фильм — боль.

  16. Ze8us says:

    Of course they had to find a guy who looks nothing like Michael Biehn to play Kyle Reese. It was one of the reasons why I couldn't be bothered to go watch this garbage.

  17. I can definitely see some kind of resemblance.

  18. chris manuel says:

    if only they could have hulk lift it but that be too dangerous. hulk has lifted it before and he even threatened too break it and thor was worried cause hulk was powerful enough to do so

  19. chris manuel says:

    I thought it was funny how vision was so calm not even realizing what he was doing. he was just casually giving thor his hammer.

  20. There is more color and detail in the original 80's version. It looks way better.

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