The Testing Of Crop Circles scientific standards



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  1. Xythantiops says:

    Good points Matt. Y`know, everyone goes on about energies etc at the Pyramids, Avebury, Silbury-wherever- Is anyone saying these arent man made??? So where does that leave us…

  2. are you against humanity and truth

  3. Im not allowed to say. It pisses off circlemakers to talk about their formations directly as being man made.

  4. I could say about my own circles as they are mine but if I were to comment on other peoples circles well its considered rude in our circles to use the pun. We just say "I think it could be made by people"… not "It was made by people". You see…

  5. no, thats a silly thing to say. Infact by me wanting proper sicence done to prove either way what makes crop circles I wasnt you to have the REAL TRUTH, not some myth nonsense made up by some dim witted belivers who think its more important to believe in aliens and even if crop circles are made by people that we should wipe away these facts and go back to beleiving its aliens because its nicer. Sod that. Theres your truth.

  6. res09xnh says:

    Are there any circles that you have seen that look to you like there is NO WAY they could have been made by you or your colleagues?

  7. Nope, none at all. Some would be hard for me to make because some of the other circlemakers are quantum leaps ahead of my standards of circlemaking, however if I was there ebing instructed what to do by the team leader I would be making that high class circle too… but on y own, some of this big big complex stuff does boggle my mind even. The standards are so high now it was hard for me to keep up.

  8. I think the problems come from hardcore believers who WANT this to be non-human in origin. So they go out to prove humans cant be involved. This is going to produce results which favour this opinion. If researchers wanted to be scientific then they would be working with circlemakers to test the "can it be made by people" hypothsis. They refuse to work with us in the main. Which is why when samples were sent to them from Steve Alexander from a circle that was secretly man made…

  9. Then the results came back, "yes its a non man made circle." The details of it being man made were then revealled and the labs then started changinb their story to "oh yes actually we knew it was man made". Grrrr! Bad science. Covering up mistakes… denying faults in their own work. This is not science then… it is pseudo science. Stev Alexander was then attacked for trying to harm the labs work. However all he was doing is forcing critical scientific scruitiny on the work being done. Fair!

  10. sergejsh says:

    truthseekers666 – you mentioned that there are researchers you trust. Who they are? Can you give names?

  11. I trust Busty Taylor, Colin Andrews, Dr Simeon Hein, Ron Russell, Mark Fussell and Staurt Dyke and a few others. Those I do not trust: Nancy Talbott, Dr Levengood, Lucy Pringle, Francine Blake, Linda Moutlon Howe most of whom have thrown child tantrums on me.

  12. @singularityforsure There are no anomalies inthe crop that are unusual enough to be considered anoamlous. What you do have is believers stating that these things found in the crop are beyond biology and physics, which is not true. Dont trust believers, they are not scientists. Fake Dr's like Levengood are an example.

  13. steviemovie says:

    ok-so maybe you are not so lame

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