The Trinitarios – One Of The hardest Gang in New York Documentary 2015



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  1. Dominicans n** we run s*** fuc the rest

  2. Lance says:

    When you realize the intro was frok bo2

  3. Anthony Roo says:

    Dont have time for your fucking ads John Cena!


  5. Estos hijos de puta están por España

  6. Biggest gangsters are in the Whitehouse

  7. rayof 315 says:

    38:00. I'm sorry, but how inept can the police and the prosecution be? You got a star witness like Alex Cologne in jail… going to testify against a brutal murdering organized gang… and you can't keep him alive? It doesn't dawn on you to give him protection? Or what? Was there some payoffs, some corruption behind the scenes we're not being told about ? Because the first thing I thought when I heard he was talking was, we'll they better keep him isolated from the rest of the convict population? I'm an idiot layman who knows nothing whatsoever about organized crime, but it's the first thing that dawns on me… yet it doesn't dawn on the prosecution? Idk, something doesnt make sense: either corruption behind the scenes or an ineptitude that's hard to fathom… even for law enforcement. And the same thing happened in an M13 case: a girlfriend of one of members is talking, telling all.. but then is found dead, carved up in the woods with 13 stab wounds. She was tortured to death…. Is there any wonder why so few are willing to come forward to tell what they know? We never hold up our end of the deal do we – and keep these people willing to testify alive? If I sound frustrated, we'll it's pretty easy to get frustrated isn't it?

  8. dumb ass inbreed niggars..pure demonic neegrows. idiotas

  9. Adam Oneill says:

    love theses shows.. its not gangland is it.? just that some vids here are a little dofferent .?

  10. ignorant sobs go get a real people.

  11. Marty says:

    Man I love these documentaries, cant watch any other gang documentary unless it has this narrator in it haha, his voice is perfect

  12. Will Potato says:

    some gangs just use thin barb-wire and rip peoples carotid atery

  13. James Bond says:

    Los macheteros son Dominicanos. Despues carcel y deportacion, regressan a Santo Domingo. Entonce, los macheteros matan touristas desde' Los Estados Unidos.

  14. Lucy Salinas says:

    bull shit Mexican's run shit over here in Texas kill or be killed

  15. Why are these people allowed in the States and others who just want to spend their retirement there are not admitted? Strange
    system or is that wanted?

  16. Hit Man says:

    just niggas hahaha Dominicans fucking putos

  17. …so if they OWE YOU MONEY – yuo KILL THEM!…FUCK! That's "smart"!

  18. G Petro says:

    Weak as piss!!! Show ya face ya fukin softcock!! Gang shit!! Get a fukin job and a livin!!

  19. so otherwards blade is a pussy who the fuck stabs there sister he pussy fuck these spics


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