The Truth About Shariah Law [Full Lecture] – Shaykh Ismaeel de Silva


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  1. Miro Mayne says:

    Amazing. May Allah reward the Shaykh and you guys for recording this.

  2. Bananaman says:

    still listening to the talk but one correction. monopolies are not prohibited in and of themselves, certain POSSIBLE monopolistic characteristics are, i.e. hoarding to increase prices. but sometimes use of a monopoly is the only feasible way to run a market, eg. railway companies on a particular route. when prices are artificially raised, the government CAN step in to fix prices (see Hidayah).

    but I commend you for tackling the issue of Shari'ah law. may Allah reward you

  3. Bananaman says:

    on taxation, there also needs to be a rethink on the dynamics of the classical system in a modern context, e.g. with zakat, you wouldn't be able to provide the public services that governments do today, e.g. the NHS, free schools, etc. so whilst strictly maintaining zakat as it is, we have to ask, is it permissible to add a further tax (though zakat is a tax or not is a debate for another time) to wealth in order to provide these basic and essential services? i suppose you could argue that these can be privatised but there could be massive harm (darrar) to modern societies as a result so unless there's nass qat'i that only zakat can be obligated as a deduction from personal wealth, this area needs to be explored

  4. Bananaman says:

    interesting point you made about the zoroastrians and their marriage practices and it is the Hanafi position. but how would homosexuality be dealt with under the same context I wonder? if the same way as Zoroastrian marriages, then surely there must be situations when it will be prohibited even for non Muslims, otherwise why did Lut (as) condemn his non Muslim nation for practising it?

  5. Bananaman says:

    hmmm…is it qat'i that there would be no screening for zakat recipients? there's enough benefit fraud nowadays for this to be re- considered. also, how much zakat would be given to a recipient surely depends on how much zakat the state has collected. resources are limited and there can't practically be such massive handouts in all situations. there also has to be an inventive for people to work and just giving money away would destroy that, so the system would be self defeating

  6. rajaitimad says:

    sheikh with all due respect the case of the women in the time of rasoolAllah ( upon him and his family be peace ) had something others did not he had wahi and he couldn't do injustice. The rape accusation could be false it could have been zina and too execute somebody based on accusation is worst than actual zina. So the burden of proof should be higher those that put it on the same level as Zina in requirements do the right thing.

    And siasa can be manipulated to suit there ideals and appeasement is wrong

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